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  • Dr_Wahoo Dr_Wahoo Oct 19, 2005 10:09 AM Flag

    A penny for your thoughts...

    Well, today is the day all the KMP shareholders get to be proud of thier baby, earnings time baby. Question is how much dividend increase we gonna get?

    Stay the same?
    Increse by a penny/share?
    More than a penny increase in the distribution?

    Man it's nice to own a stodgy, old economy, nuts-and-bolts GROWTH company.

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    • I was merely replying to a post on that topic. I normally stick to the KMP topic.

      Couple of points:
      One, if it were not for Texas you would not have GAS both Natural and Automotive.
      Two, I do not frequent bars or steers. It appears you frequent both. :)
      Lastly, this is the payoff so read carefully, KMx Headquarters resides in Houston and is operated by those people you so happily disparage.

      I realize this might not get to you for weeks as you are probably calling 911 from your freaking trailer in Florida because you are too stupid to evacuate.

    • This is the KMP board. Keep your moronic political views where they belong; in your local bar with the rest of the queers and steers that constitute the population of Texas.

    • Hell..... We was playin 'lets pretend'.... damn right I threw it in there fer effect.....

      I kinda liked it last week when someone pointed out that Billybob was the Bush/energy company hatin type....

      They are one and the same.... aren'r they?

    • <<<<Am I missing something? >>>

      Yeah, Billyjoe any indication of a brain or any indication that if you have a brain you can use it in any meaningful way.


    • Hahaha!!!


      You mean the 'Neck-Braced-Wonder'? Captain Oldsmobile? The 'National Disgrace'?

      By the way; today's price increase gets us back DOWN to 6.00% at the new distribution of $0.79 per quarter...

      Cash is King, Billy...

    • Whoa! Talk about Cool-Aid drinkers. Man Billy doesn't hold a candle to that. You keep thinking that the war was illegal all you want buddy. There is NOTHING illegal about RESUMING hostilities. Remember dumbass; there was never a peace agreement after we kicked Saddam out of Kuwait.

      I would bet that Kennedy would be in jail first.

      Fishing anyone?

    • What is wrong Billy? Trouble confronting your own fact sheet and talking points? Is your dunce hat too tight? Is your Cool-Aid sour?

      You know enough to make you sound smart and ignorant at the same time. You must be a Baldwin. Heck; you even make Tom Cruise appear sane. Tell Alex "hi" for me.

    • Bush hatin? before the next year is over, Bush may be where he belongs, in jail, along with the whole contingency of neocons who stole the heart and soul of this once great country. if you don't like the market now, wait till he is exposed for the liar and war criminal he is. if you do like this market, enjoy it while you can.

    • I don't really care about the amount of money the GP takes, as long as I get a good return on my investment. Sure, 6% seems a little small, but so what? Where can one do better? The "6%" I get today is about 22% on my original investment, adjusted for splits. I hope Rich Kinder takes as much as he wants.....I'm getting about 22% and am absolutely thrilled!

    • is that you park shaper? how much in salary does Rich Kinder take again?

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