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  • NORCROSS2 NORCROSS2 Aug 20, 2012 2:04 PM Flag

    Loving the Regulators now?

    And to other posters about the GP taking 50% of the cash flow and then we get the other 50%: we get the declared distribution rate and that's the deal that we pay for. Love it or leave it. If Kmp was selling at half the price, we would then be getting the same rate on our investment as double that 50%. So the fault is the current purchase gives a distributon rate of about 6%. But most anybody knows that the standard rate of return on most business including pipelines is above 10%. Limited partners in our case only get the declared agreed rate depending upon when we purchased the shares.

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    • further, on acceptable distribution rate, if you had bought Kmp like I began doing in 2009 when it was below 50, you would now be getting over 10% rate of return on your investment, more with reinvested shares. That is why the analysts have been saying lately that it is the future growth rate of the rate of pay out that will make the biggest difference in your stock shares.