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  • fountain123_45 fountain123_45 Aug 22, 2012 12:32 PM Flag

    Loving the Regulators now?

    Regulations are a neccessary evil. No one likes them, but we can't have a society without them. Would you like Nuclear Industry without NRC? Don't forget defunding of regulatory oversight was the cause of Credit Default Swaps run amock. Look at it as a cost of doing business, you pay for Insurance not because you want to collect on it, but because things happen when there is no one monitoring. Many died operating Boilers till ASME framed rules and regulations, how would you feel if there was no EPA and chemicals dumped to pollute your groundwater. Sadly, we hear the negatives of how regulators prevented progress, but we never hear the catastrophe they prevent. Republicans love to criticise regulations I consider them opportunistic by telling you they do nothing. have we not had enough BANK and FINANCIAL disasters yet?

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    • The difference between the Russian nuclear explosion, the Japanese nuclear meltdowns, and Three Mile Island meltdown is levels of regulation. And even though the US meltdown ended OK, the regulations were increased and will continue to be.

      Some regs. like the diesel exhaust go too far too fast and industry can't keep up. Diesel cars were pulled from the market and Navistar still has to pay a fine for each new engine it ships until they find a fix to meet the new regs. I've heard little data was used to set the exact level picked.

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      • >>>>And even though the US meltdown ended OK, the regulations were increased and will continue to be.<<<<

        Some new regulations stemming from TMI were training engineers in operations. Perform safety evalutions of modifications, timely update documents impacted by modifications. Limiting access to control room. Fitness for duty. Operating eperience just like in operations of aircraft teaches you important lessons, both to modify hardare and training, to some these are burdens, I think they add to safety.