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  • azrtrd azrtrd Nov 1, 2012 3:03 AM Flag

    Retired and planning how to sell MLPs

    What about your minimum required distribution? The government tells you how much you must take out. Also two things in an IRA. First while you gain deferral, you gave up capital gains rates. Second, IRAs can and are subject to taxes if you have lots of MLPs inside. I am guessing from your comment your IRA is rather small to be able to pay no income taxes at all.

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    • I live quiet well with my retirement and the distribution of my IRA. I control how much I take out so I take enough and do not pay any taxes. I live quiet well and travel 6 month a year cannot complain. Bottom line it is all legal I suppose in 10 to 15 years my IRA will be down to nothing, but by then will I be around?