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  • arbtrdr arbtrdr Nov 26, 2012 4:19 PM Flag

    dividend payout

    Liza - lets see . . . . . You need to go to the KMR summary page to get here. The distribution information is available there. You could also go to the company website.

    And as you well know - KMR does not pay a dividend - never has!

    Some people you cannot help.


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    • I stand by my original statement. KMR does not pay a dividend. It makes a distribution of stock which is technically called a "Payment in Kind". I do not care what the KMR page says. A dividend is paid in cash according to the IRS. I am moving on from discussion here.

    • to arbtrdr: what value is a putdown when someome is simply asking for info.

    • And as you well know - KMR does not pay a dividend - never has!

      Some people you cannot help.

      Well... not to pick... but since you did... the fact of the matter is that KMR pays dividends (as per the KMR web page... it is an LLC... not an MLP)

      And Yes I realize that you were thinking and discussing KMP... But you did type KMR 2Xs

      which makes your point both confusing and false... certainly you know the difference between KMP & KMR

      Your posts always have a know it all air of authority... yet when read consistently over time one realizes they contain many contradictions and errors of fact

      small dose of smugly being put in ones place.. need a spoon full of sugar?

      • 2 Replies to wondumphuc
      • Well if you want to nit-pick, KMP pays in units as a sort of stock split.
        It is KMI which pays dividends.
        No need for the unpleasantness - arb clearly just made a typo as the question was about KMP.

      • Distributions of Stock and Stock Rights

        IRS quote: "Distributions by a corporation of its own stock are commonly known as stock dividends. .................... Generally, stock dividends and stock rights are not taxable to you, and you do not report them on your return."

        Such is the case with KMR which was setup by KMP to pay non-taxable cash distributions from an MLP as a non-taxable stock dividend.

        Cash in lieu of fractional shares are reported because they represent a sale of stock when brokers don't hold fractional shares in an account.

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