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  • tutmose42 tutmose42 Jan 23, 2013 11:05 AM Flag

    ex dividend date

    Thanks for the info. I"ll give you a tip: i have been making tons of money by buying stocks on the ex date when it drops in response to the div payment and sell at a run up within a couple of days. I make more money over the short term than holding for the dividend...check out some big dividend stocks and see how much one could have made on buying ex div.


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    • tut..A little surprising that you ask such an elementary question, then "tremulousbull" kindly takes the time to help you, yet you then insultingly reply "I'll give you a tip" and go on bragging about how you make tons of money doing this all the time. If you don't even know how ex-dividend dates work or how to find out the dates, I'd be quite surprised if you have ever traded this method.