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  • mullalarmbereitschaft mullalarmbereitschaft May 31, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    A Secondary insiders/big analysts know about?

    Is the only thing I can think of that has this not only down with yield stocksm, but Underperforming other Energy MLPs

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    • Clearly volume is huge relative to the past history for KMP, and IMHO the shares that KMP had to issue to cover the shares owned by Copano shareholders, coupled with who knows the sentiment of the Copano shareholders towards KMP, is in no small part influencing the volume. IE demand vs supply is probably driving the difference between Kinder stocks and other MLP's. Also it does appear the increase in bond yields and rising interest rates could make KMP less attractive. I'm not a holder of KMP but KMR, and certainly KMR value is directly driven by KMP value, so I also don't like the hair cut...:-((

    • This is always a fear but there has been an event that may indicate that a secondary is not imminent. Today, KMI announced that it is cancelling the Freedom Pipeline to California for lack of interest. KMI seeks to concentrate on the rail terminals. It strikes me that they require a lot less capital than the pipeline and, therefore, may indicate that a secondary is not in the works. Just my thoughts. The carnage to me 6000 shares has been painful.

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    • Well I made a lot of $ selling calls when it hit 92,so if I lose it all because it doesn't rebound on the next distibution,I'm just back to break even .I've been buying september calls since it hit 87..
      What I don't get is why EDP and the others are just down a little,and KMP is down a lot more.

    • The reason mlp`s reits and utes moving lower is treasury yeilds and the dollar moving higher and the thought that Big Ben might come to his senses and stop buying unbelievable amount of bonds.

    • "A Secondary insiders/big analysts know about?"

      Are you suggesting that there might be some insider trading going on?