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  • goldengates2020 goldengates2020 Jul 9, 2013 1:17 AM Flag



    His mother has the deceit genes and his father has the criminal, hostility genes.
    osambo could not run a taco bell well.....he is a born liar...that is what he does best.
    osambo is #$%$ by his own admission..........when osambo-care is repealed...the rest of the residue of his destructive time in office will be flushed down the toilet....
    i am enjoying his i make myself clear..........hahhhahahahahahahaahahah

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    • How do you put a moron like this on ignore? Please get him away from me.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful analysis of KMP. Keep up the good work. By the way, are you still taking your meds?

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      • The real question obviously missed is barry good for KMP or mlp's in general. The obvious answer is no because he has dragged his feet on Keystone. It has taken him 6 years to get around to NG and squandered money on solar,wind and ethanol. Only ethanol is good for KMP abeit a very small part. Instead of subsidizing oil and gas pipelines and export of LNG Propane Ethane he has focused on coal and in reality bought the coal country votes to get the hopelessly flawed health care bill passed and then stuck it to them. His administration has not increased jobs in the most advanced oil and gas revolution. His group of followers have stopped fracking in NY Illinois and government lands. His group has issued almost no new permits in gulf. All that has been done in TX La Ok has been done byu private hands. The most obvious revolution is in commercial switch to NG in trucks. His having subsidized the changeover to NG for tucks would have saved immense dollars and jobs in that industry instead of his fools cash for clunkers. I agree he is a fool for those in mlp field investors. Politically only peanut farmer is worse as a national leader. He deserves the name curious george because he is no presidentt but democratic figurehead