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  • venturabay venturabay Oct 17, 2013 12:15 PM Flag


    SA should at least print stuff that comes from someone who knows what they are writing about. I did not see anywhere in the SA piece about how after the Copano acquisition that KMP announced the increase in the DCF for 2013 from $5.28 to $5.33. So how the SA guy "doesn't know" how Kinder can plan on increasing distributions when the actual DCF for the quarter wasn't above the distribution he should actually do some real research first before writing.(Copano acquisition is the reason for the increase) Second KMP like many MLP's has a DCF that is not as steady as distribution from quarter to quarter. That is what has always been the case for KMP. Nothing new about this. So if writer for SA is spooked about what is another good quarter for KMP, then he should sell. I have owned KMP/KMR/KMI since 2004, this quarter is just another quarter when Kinder has continued to grow the business in a way that is accretive to unit holders. Thanks to Richard Kinder for another good quarter. Looking forward to the next date when "REAL NEW" news is announced. Every year just before Thanksgiving KMP will announce the targeted distribution for next year. Then one can make adjustments to the growth rate in DCF from year to year.

    A real good question for anyone who knows the history about KMP is this. In only one year did KMP fail to meet their targeted DCF for the year. That information is available in many KMP presentations. But what is the reason for KMP failing to meet the distribution in that year? If one owned KMP then and paid attention then they might be able to give correct answer.

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    • I don't think the author even comprehended what KMP said... they said that DCF was $1.27 before "certain items".... and that the certain items were a gain of $33 mil which equates to about 7.6 cents per unit

      Which would put DCF at $1.346 for the Q which would imply that they actually covered at 1:1

      But then its Seeking Alpha.... Hedgeye's favorite companion site