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  • jrad52 jrad52 Feb 22, 2014 8:50 AM Flag

    Trouble in the Pipeline? Cover story in this week's Barron's

    They aren't giving up. Lots of quotes from Mr. Kaiser. The gist of the article (1) the IDRs incent KMI to maximize distributions without regard to whether they are actually earned or should be paid, and (2) KMI either misclassifies capital expenditures (from sustaining to expansion, to overstate DCF) or doesn't maintain its properties properly. Nothing new in the allegations, but it's clear this won't go away.


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    • outthink Feb 22, 2014 5:40 PM Flag

      To read the whole Barron's article, copy and paste "Kinder Morgan: Trouble in the Pipelines?" into Google seach. Then click on the first link. This works for all WSJ publications subscription articles.

    • Barron's fails to disclose that Kaiser works for a company that recommends shorting stocks( over valued companies) and failed in a previous attempt to disparage the company. And at a stockholders meeting all the Princeton kid could do when it was his turn to ask questions was stutter. They are looking for another weakness and are using the issuance of additional units to attack. Same scenario what they did to LINE
      Lots of negative articles by Barrons to try and drive it down.

      I like the company, I like the growth potential, I like the prospects of the industry, I love the dividend.
      Kinder is looking 10-15 years out and implementing that game plan. I like it.
      I like the idea of buying tankers, thinking outside the box. What else can we get into, Oil service companies and suppliers, if they can make money at it, they will be in it.

      If the price drops i'm buying tons.

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      • Anyone who has been doing business with George Sorros for 25 years is a liberal. Think President Obama. Therefore they lie cheat and steal if necessary to make their points in business or government. Truth will rise to the top. I am staying long KMP and USA!

      • Barron's published an article highlighting the bear case for Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (KMP). The article's primary source was the Hedgeye analyst Kevin Kaiser, who has recently had success with his sell recommendation and campaign against BWP several months ago, which dropped 45%+ in price last week. This article on KMP is basically the analyst's victory lap after his success with BWP, but there may be some added volatility in KMP units this week. MLPs are almost becoming a regular thing at Barron's after last week's MLP Round Table discussion, maybe they should get an MLP column going...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Is Kaiser from Princeton? When I looked up Andrew Bary author of the piece on LinkedIn it showed that Bary was from Princeton. I don't think they were classmates because on a video from 2012 where Bary hammers Facebook at 22, he looked middle aged. Since this is like the fourth hit piece on KMP by Barron's recently, something smells here, they must have a motive since no new ground is being covered. Also the front cover for a rehash with all that's going on now reeks unfair.

      • I agree. Kaiser/ Barrons is trying a similar short attack as they tried with Linn. Anticipate pipelines/ midstream assets to get hit, just as all the upstreams did with Linn--collateral damage. Will sell smaller pipeline on Monday and anticipating buying more Kinder and family if and when the beat down occurs. Why not just buy the best if the opportunity presents itself? And Kinder is the biggest and best run midstream energy company in Houston. Cheers.