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  • dirtdobber007 dirtdobber007 Nov 14, 2001 1:14 PM Flag


    I have been reading this board for the better half of three months,if what you and dickweed are saying is true about kicking him off the board ,then you know i am going to have to agree with him on a few issues.what he was saying about you two guys being cowards was right .get in a little bind and you two want to don't get me wrong there were a lot of things he was saying that i did not agree with,but the last time i looked this was still the U.S.A. are we only supposed to to agree with you guys, and i must say dickweed spewed a lot of trash itself but i never saw anything he put on here usefull.i think attatude had him pegged and the fellow broke down he should be gone for that foul mouth of his but i guess that makes him a big boy. so in closing all you two did was make him stronger because he manipulated you pretty good i must say.

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    • I wil listen to anyone's opinion agree or not. I will not listen to a person berate my family, use the words N*gger and Rag Head. Describe a threesome with my wife, etc.

      Yes his speech is protected, but freedom of speech has never been, and never will be absolute, and the hatred that he spewed on this page was a boarderline criminal offense under federal hate speech statutes and many state statutes. If Yahoo decided to discontinue his rights so as to avoid any complicity, that is there choice.

      To make the point let me ask you this. I have freedom of peacable assembly guaranteed to me by The Constitution. Does that give me the right to have an assembly in your living room without your consent. Of course not. With every right comes a responsibility to use it appropriately.

      You say we are cowards. Than so were Dr. King,Rosa Parks, Mr Mandella, Lech Welesa, Sir Thomas Moore, and many others who just stood up to hatred,racism, and religious intollerance.

      Enough said.

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      • like i said i have only been following this board for a few months so let me ask you this question for the sake of argument,i have noticed that on about every ocassion when dickweed spewed his garbage cursing doing a little berating himself back and forth with attatude you would always reply with him .I never once heard you chastise dickweed,also it looked like to me he was berating minorites with his slanted comments and sentences so what is it do you just see racism when the other party does not agree with you .he had some bad things to say about the mans family also,but you backed him all the way. looking back at the past messages the only time i saw the word N*gger you were the one who spelled it out correct me if i am wrong.i also don't see where he decribed the threesome ,he mentioned it .so what i am really saying is that it's O.K. with you for someone to do the same things as long as they agree with you.

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