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  • knowthelaw2002 knowthelaw2002 Dec 1, 2001 6:59 PM Flag

    Financials don't look that bad.

    Sir I don't think you really want someone to know who you are! You are dangerously close to some serious legal problems.
    I would advise you to stop the rhetoric before you go to far . I have reveiwed several post you have responded to and, if you are trying to sway people away from Tenneco you are flurting with some serious issues with the tactics you are using.
    If you have documentation to back you up fine. If not you open yourself up to some serious legal issues.
    I do not mean this as a threat; just some friendly advise for you to think on.

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    • I guess if you spent any time checking your spelling your little epistle would never make it to the board....
      good thing/bad thing?????

      • 2 Replies to u_r_a_practiced_dickweed
      • Sir,or lack there of!!.

        I can tell by your posts you are a sorry pathetic individual.this message was none of your concern or aimed at you.

        You should be ashamed of yourself trying to downgrade someones spellig errors, while at the same time putting the garbage you put on this board. Degrading women and children with that smut you call messages.

        Low lifes like you are a dime a dozen,that's probably all you are worth also.go ahead and slither back in that hole of yours you faceless coward.

      • U have got 2 be lacking n the real deal ,can not satisfy where it really counts all u want 2 do is correct others!! With that baby piss junk about not spelling correctly.

        u no i quess knowthelaw could care less what u think about his spelling.i darn sure could care lesss what u think about my spelinig.

        u should be worried about some hobo taking the snuff queen u r with .r the neighbors doeg mite already have her r go get the donkey out of your mommie

    • Darn out of tenn- looks like you might soon be out of luck or -out of money or -out of bussiness.

      you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?for a person with all the learning you claim to have you look like you run right into this mess.

      sometime though the way you do others comes back to haunt cowardly had a person ousted for doing the samething you was doing. The only difference between the two of you was he was man enough to tell his views and you was a wimpy a#s pu3#y.

      tell us all about yourself now !get your other two alias a@s boring nothings to hang with you .

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