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  • tiptoe60 tiptoe60 May 10, 2002 6:49 AM Flag

    Smoke and Mirrors

    I'm sure both saab and autoacct both opened this message since both fit the description.

    Saab - what a minion. People like you stay on jobs like this because the alternative is working at McDonald's. If it is so bad at TEN leave. I know you won't and you know you won't. You are only qualified for minimum wage outside this company and thus you will just stay and complain. I wish TEN could find you and weed you out. What a loser.

    Autoacct - what pyscho babble. Don't be emotional, please be factual so people will take you seriously. I think what you have to say is important but let me tell you how to say it. Gag me. Please do what you said you would do and leave this board. I bet you are either gay or under the spell of a dominant woman. Maybe even just another frustrated cross dresser. Time to peel that Al Gore bumper sticker off your car you wimp.

    You and saab need to meet somewhere but please spare us all the details if you do. I sure you two will commit acts that are illegal in many states.

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