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  • mudville_handwhacker mudville_handwhacker Jan 11, 2004 5:50 PM Flag

    the jokes on us

    Why are union members referred to by their own leadership as "rank and file"??

    Let's investigate the term "rank and file". Where did ot come from?

    It comes from the designation given to the rows and columns on a chess board. That's right.
    Now, given that the King, Queen, Bishops, Knight, & Rooks (Union Leadership) all sit in the back while the Pawns (Union Members) are forced in to battle, it's hardly surprising that the term "rank and file" should apply to Union members.

    When you join a union, what do you give up? Well, you are giving up your individuality. Your voice, desires, and ambition. You are joining with others in what is referred to as a "collective" (see "collective" as it relates to Communist structure). "Collective Bargaining" is just one of these supposed "communal" benefits. You hope the Leadership will bargain in the best interest of the membership...NOT yourself (remember, you gave up your individuality).

    If you have to the ambition to suceed and move up, better not join a union. Why? If your peers don't also support your ideas, their complacency will win out and you will not get the training and attention needed to move up.

    I've worked around all too many unions and ahve seen this first hand and it's the same in Chicago, St.Louis, Atlanta, Cleveland, Wichita, etc.

    So you just go ahead and take dirtdobber's advice so you can come back to get help from him when your voice is lost.
    Does this mean you have to put up with what you perceive as mistreatment from management?
    Hell no. But before you get a union involved, know what you're entering into.

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    • I could not have said it better. I was in the union group when the company I worked for sold out. With over $6500.00 in dues, I got a $60.00 jacket and a good luck on your new venture. Also the union didn't help keeping the shop open, we got a 60 day notice. Is this why we paid 2 1/2 houds a month in dues. The icing was the International took our money which was about $85,000. and didn't want to but the jackets. If you want this let me sell you a nice, never worn, 14 year old jacket.

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