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  • cognata_l cognata_l Jul 4, 2005 9:42 AM Flag

    Union Wins @ Grass Lake

    That is a wonderful post Joe dirt.

    The �company� is comprised of many people. Therefore, when you say the �company� suffers, you are saying many people suffer. That is a choice of management. Management can chose to spend 30 times as much as they seek to save on a contract. Management can chose to negotiate in good faith or not. Management can chose to violate federal statutes or not. Management can chose to impose or not, and much more. Therefore, the choices made by a few powerful people are what affect everyone else.

    The Union employees always chose to negotiate. However, a negotiation requires 2 parties at the table. Imposition is not negotiation.

    Sure it is not easy to stand up for what you believe. Sure, it is a lot easier to just think of yourself. If, everyone felt it was better to let the next person handle it, then where would we all be?
    In my opinion, that is the basis of fascism. Fascism thrives on division. Read that poem written about ww2 era Germany. In that poem the writer never stood up as he watched the Nazis come to take away group after group. The writer was fine until finally they came to take him. Maybe, someone can post that poem please.

    We are very unfortunate that most of this country�s ww2 veterans are very old or gone. Yet, we still have the Vietnam era veterans and protestors to provide some common sense and backbone. Remembering the past helps us to eliminate the mistakes of the future.

    We will continue to stand united. The buck stops here!
    Enjoy your holiday.

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