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  • cadtube cadtube Jul 2, 2005 9:49 AM Flag

    Union Wins @ Grass Lake

    This just goes to show all of us that the Union is a great thing to have under the misMANAGEMENT at Tenneco.

    We started an attempt a few years ago but we were threatened with our job loss. We were not told that was against the law then.

    Folks pay attention now. That is an UNFAIR LABOUR CHARGE and you do not have to belong to a union to file that charge.

    The guys on the strike line can get you started. Contact Stan you all know who he is.

    Do you want me to come back and help you out again?

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    • Thanks! That was all I was asking. Also, because of your "civil" response and your ability to provide me with an answer to my question you a re a good example of someone that should be listened to.

    • In your last post sj49240 you state: "The reason my personal info is concealed is because your henchmen follow workers home and sit and stare threateningly at them and their kids. Do you think I want that?"

      Would you care to elaborate on this allegation?

      If anyone is doing anything like that I will personally bring him or her up on charges and ask that they be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

    • Thank you sj49240 for asking about the NLRB documents.

      I spent some time on the phone with the NLRB Library in Washington D. C. to find an answer to your question. The Librarians came up with an answer to your question.The NLRB Library phone# is 202-273-3920.

      The following is what I was told by an NLRB Librarian: The documents are a matter of public record. Copies are available upon request by calling the NLRB Detroit Field Office @ 313-226-3207.

    • You disbelieve everything we say, then don't ask us. You want answers ask Tenneco's wonderfull management team I'm sure yu will get the answer you are looking for. You'll get the same type of answer that you put in your last post. How wonderfull the company and working conditions are and how stupid the leadership and membership of the Union are. We are smart enough to figure out where this post is coming from. Have a nice day. And if you have any more questions try asking the corporate lawyer.

    • I am right here working with you. We all know who you are.
      Like the word that I use a lot "IDIOT," use spellcheck.

      I call em like I see em.

      You wish you were a union man.




    • You missed the point...where else besides a piece of paper someone showed you does it state the NLRB ruling?

      What is the website or newsletter or something other than the piece of paper you're referring too?

      One more thing...control the anger, I am only here to learn. If you want to get me to listen to your cause you'll have to speak softly and make sense. Repeating what you were told by your higher-ups isn't's being brainwashed.

      The reason my personal info is concealed is because your henchmen follow workers home and sit and stare threateningly at them and their kids. Do you think I want that?

    • If you are part or the union then you are a disgrace to the rest of us that are trying to make conditions better while you can only use one word regulary ( IDIOT).

      Give us a break and quit showing your I.Q. with this bashing of people .

      The work was done before you and it will be completed after you.Take a hike and close that trap of your's before someone finds out who you are and what a coward you more likely that not are and shut it for you.


    • What would you do for pizza? hmmmmmm Do you really believe this bull that you're putting on this board?

      The local President and 16 other men all left because they are smart enough to see what was coming. Not just the President you IDIOT, brainwashed fool.
      Check with Valerie, Mark or Jay. They all have the official NLRB document. Maybe someone will read it to you.

      Helllleeeewwwww IDIOT!!
      It is true, you are an idiot. You know as well as I know that the work is NOT getting done and our customers are putting up quite a bitch and they want their parts now.

      We all need a third party to get fair treatment. I used to be in a union before working in this NAZI ran establishment. The union is a good thing. If you haven't belonged to a union you should shut your yap. You only know what your propaganda minister here is telling you. It his their job to only give out their negative views.

      A man got fired out there for his beliefs. He believes in unions and he disclosed it to his boss. He at the time was not sworn in yet and was fired for saying he was going to be a good union man.
      Do you want to be fired next for saying that you are an atheist or a Catholic? What is your problem LOSER?

      That is one of the issues that you chose not to disclose or your information source chose not to mention to you.

      Wake up. Stand behind these men for their cause because their cause will be our cause.
      We get what they get. Everyone knows that. What the union gets we all get and that is what is put the fear into Tenneco right now.

    • I also see you forgot to mention any other charges, you just want to trivialize the whole thing. Thats ok just bury your head in the sand and maybe the whole thing will all go away.

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