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  • the_bandwagon3232 the_bandwagon3232 Jan 12, 2009 3:24 PM Flag

    $2.50-$3.40 trading range

    Here we are again at the bottom of the trading range since late November.

    Will TEN hold $2.50 this time around? I think I'm going to straddle this, and buy some today hoping for a bounce up tomorrow, but I will also keep some cash on the side in case this breaks below $2.50 tomorrow.

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    • Just when it was getting interesting....

    • I am kindly asking you guys if you would do your TEN bashing in another thread. We are all aware of your opinions on many of the other threads here. The sole purpose of this thread is about the trading range of TEN.

      TEN is currently in the $2 range, and we are all aware that things are not good at TEN. When you go from $37 down to $2, that's a pretty good indication.

      This thread is dedicated for short term traders that play the trading range. Every stock has a trading range no matter how good or bad the company is.


    • Joe P. is worthless. POS and fat and a liar and lazy and stupid. No redeeming factors. Fire his ass. Maybe hairspray will hire him as an airport bus driver over at HURTZ. He would look good in a size 4X yellow and black HURTZ uniform.

      Howie has always claimed no one understands NYC.

      Yea, right. That is why he doing so fricking well. Fire his dumb ass and consolidate the divisions.

      Fire most of the HQ marketing staff, more body fat. Take the savings, approx. $500K and let the sales group go to work.

      Also, fire steve pohlman, worthless POS. He and the other Joe P are both morons, they do not breathe OXYGEN. The entire company knows it and laughs at management for not making the necessary moves. They are dead in the head, lazy, fat, etc., etc.

      Management, don’t wait, do SOMETHING!!!!! You are on life support and going into cardiac arrest.

    • Clean that Monroe office of all VP's including the Aftermarket One. Also get rid of his so called manager of the East. Let those other two good managers run the field the way it should be run.Clean up the middle sales management, and let the feet on the street do there jobs. It tough for them to do there jobs when the adminstration reports keep the feet on the streets from doing it. Go out, sell some brakes, Exhaust, shocks and make the shareholders proud.

    • WRONG!!

      The dead weight is hanging around the water cooler. They are NOT in field. They do not have ENOUGH “feet on the street”. They have a hell of a lot of dead weigh (actually very fat) dead weight at One International Drive, Monroe, MI 48161.

      Fire Joe P. first.Hire someone who has a brain and will work.

    • Agreed, its time to make a decision. Its time to reduce management the so called big guns. Both OE and aftermarket. That hasn't been done yet. So called top mangers are just hanging around the water coolers in Monroe. Get rid of the real dead weight in the field, you all know who they are.

    • Your comments are solid. They are eating up their revolver. NOT GOOD. They are overstating their revenues. NOT GOOD. They do not have the capital to close down the plants they need to close. NOT GOOD. They do not have a real plan on how to close the plants. NOT GOOD. They are not in compliance on the ratios. NOT GOOD. They are laying off people and shortened working hours. NOT GOOD. They have stopped all capital spending, have a hiring freeze in place, reduced benefits, stopped most T & E spending, etc. NOT GOOD. Their major customers are in deep trouble. NOT GOOD.

      Forecast = NOT GOOD.

      Not what I would have liked to said. I really do wish TEN the best but you cannot put enought perfume on a pig to make it.......smell good.

    • Short term (7-12 days) $1.88 could be the bottom. It closed at $1.88 the other day, and it bounced off of $1.87 today. It looks as though $1.88 could be a short term support, tomorrow will tell all. On the high side I would think $2.48 would be the resistance since that was the previous support area.

      All bets are off right before earnings and after.

      I bought some more today, and I'm hoping for a short term trade. I will be looking to get out before earnings. In at $1.99 and $2.25.

      Remember, I just watch this stock as a hobby/trade. I'm not even close to an expert.

    • any thoughts for a new trading range?

    • Burn baby Burn that cash up.

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