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  • possum1959 possum1959 Sep 27, 2009 9:09 PM Flag

    Cozad - sorry

    The fate of Cozad is a travesty. A lot of good people just got screwed due to a lack of focus. The plant is a large bore plant. Made 1 3/8 and 1 ¾ inch bore ride control. Used on light and heavy duty trucks. Their largest competitor (Arvin) just sold their business to a loser. The AM and OE people that are responsible for selling these bore sizes should be ashamed of their failure. Hundreds of people in this small city in central Nebraska will now be out of work. Good job sale people. Hope that the same happens to you and your families.

    When the same decision faced stronger managers (Jack Thompson) he challenged the sales force that was in place then. They rose to the challenge and saved the plant. Thanks to their efforts and the hard work of the good people at the Cozad plant they became the best plant in the system.

    Good job you MF losers. Another Midwest plant and the people that work there are now in trouble.

    TEN = LOSER!

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    • I can honestly say that I'VE HAD THE PLEASURE of meeting several workers from the Cozad plant---and they are truly some of the nicest people on this earth. I hope the each of them prospers in the future and that God blesses them and watches over them

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      You make fun of those that live in rural areas. They are truly the backbone of America and have made this country into the envy of the rest of the world. No thanks to the losers like you that reside in corporate America.

      I can only tell you that you are comparable to the dog crap that I wipe off of my shoes with a stick. If I knew you, I would make sure I forgot your name. If I saw you walking toward me on the street I would cross in front of heavy on coming traffic to make sure that I did not have to acknowledge your lowly existence. If we worked at the same company, I would lie when someone asked me where I worked.

      Snot for brains, if you are an employee of this company, they are in worse shape than they think.

      Team Cozad… to you. You will survive and prosper.

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    • Nice reply Possum...I am close to Toledo and that flea off of Hairsprays pubic area has no clue how to open the head door...Looks like that's what represents the name of Tenneco now...No heart...How dose a slug like this keep a job? Folks go short on this one,only way to make money at Ten these days...

    • I have a few things to say. Two years ago when they started telling us that Tenneco would be closing down a plant , and that it was between three OE plants in North America, it was quickly surmised that it would most likely be between Cozad and Heartwell. I can not speak for Hartwell, although I know that thru posts on two other sites, they, too, have good hard working folks down there. What I know is about the Cozad plant.Everyone,when it comes to saving their jobs, would go that extra mile to save them. That is what we did in Cozad. We have a majority of folks who have worked there for over 30yrs. and never missed a day, or even been late! Even those of us who have 5-10-15 years plus,can say the same thing. This is what we brought to the plate...we worked our hearts out to make this the best plant that Tenneco,Inc.had. We have consistently made Tenneco money. The spread sheets will prove that, I don't have to argue that point with anyone. Everyone of us in that plant went above and beyond to save our plant. When the retirement was frozen, when the 401k was no longer matched; when we had week after week off with only unemployment; when salarys were cut; when we couldn't get parts to fix machinery unless we already had it in house or in the bone mickey mouse something together; when lay off after lay off occured and there were less and less folks to do the job and jobs were combined and we were soon doing the jobs that two and three people were doing before; and somehow we managed not to get hurt( and that was no small task)! But we did it. We did our best. For awhile I thought we were going to make it, we had been approved by Pac Car for their new line of shocks, new orders were coming in daily; even after Corporate decided to move 2 million shocks to a plant that was not even set up to produce them, to Hartwell,Ga.We still gave it all we had. So when the notice came on the board and that there were next day morning meetings, we knew with sinking hearts that the news was not going to good. Esp. since the super's and salary folks were having their own meeting before our meeting. When Kevin Swint walked in with our GM, it seemed he never took his eyes off the floor, and told us it was the hardest thing he ever did. And I believe it. When your looking at over 400 people who you have just told their livlihood was over...I am sure he was overwhelmed, esp when some of the gals started to weep and the deafening silence ensued. I have to wonder if they realized , really, what they had done. They killed three towns and one county, and put 5 other counties in critical care. This plant had been the main source of employment for over 48 years! 48 years. Already we know that there are other stores that have made plans to close. Not to mention what is going to happen to the entire commerce community. They have offered re-location locate when you are in your 50's , which a goodly amount are, be real.I doubt if we will make the news and the world won't miss a heart beat about us losing our plant, the tragedy of small town america is seldom news. Cozad is/was a town of 4200 people, it is surronded by smaller towns,and we all work there. I don't know for what is going to happen in our communitys, except it won't be good or positive; BUT WE WILL SURVIVE. I HOPE THAT TENNECO, CAN CONVINCE OTHERS THAT IT IS CHEAPER TO GO TO OTHER COUNTRIES, THEN TO KEEP IT IN THE U.S. They did tell us that we, as a plant, did nothing wrong.That we were a strong plant,but it just wasn't close enough to be financially viable. Guess China is closer to Georgia, Arkansas, and Mexico then Nebraska. So, while I wish no ill will what so ever to the other plants.....I really wish we could have kept our plant.

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