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  • califcamper califcamper Jan 12, 2010 9:31 PM Flag

    Where are the manufacturing plants now?

    Have they consolidated their manufacturing plants to save money?

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    • well lets see. Hartwell can not manage all the tubing that has to be cut since the upcoming closing of the tenneco plant in Cozad, ne. So Cozad, ne is cutting tubing and also sending it to Celya,Mx. They can't paint, so after they build the shocks they have to send them back to cozad, ne to be painted. Celya,Mx.....haven't got any support units to build the shocks, so everything has to be sent to them.....of course mostly from Cozad,ne. They have closed cozad, ne.........and yet everyone is depending on the folks at Cozad to keep them going. Cozad, the only Tenneco plant that made money EVERY year..........EVERY month.........TOP NOTCH QUALITY.........BEST RECORD OF ALL THE PLANTS!!. and yet this is the plant they closed, slated to be closed most likely in essence March 2010. We were making over 40,000 shocks a day..........and they are ramping up production to 10,000 a day in georgia.......whoohoo!!!!! And to top that off they denied a person employment in Hartwell because they didn't have a B.S. degree. Yet in the 25 years that they worked for Cozad Tenneco, they spent more air time,and had a fantastic working relationship with Kentucky Truck and GM...........they haved saved countless Millions of dollars for Tenneco.........but the nose got cut off to spite the face!!!!! Nothing about this company makes sence at all. The only plant that has grabbed the horns and making things work is Paragould.............Thanks paragould for taking the r_line,....and making it work down there. CUDOUS TO ALL OF YOU.

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      • If you are curious as to why tenneco by the lake wont hire qualified personnel to fill most jobs, just look at that DINGBAT that drives the GOLD c-- in personnel.All you need do is have a 5 minute conversation with her and you will wonder how that DIZZY moron could get up every morning without help and a map!

        She has been in that little office of hers sitting on that Bouncy ball for a chair with that wrinkled up kister of hers and the sun has baked what little brain she had from jumpstreet.

        Her and the other two stooges that flock in that circle are the reason we are struggling now with our jobs and pay.One of the stooges is on the way to the street for nonpayment /foreclosure if poppy and BABE dont kick in.

        The other one missed all the advertisements for BRACES and or comb/brush for that mop she calls a head of hair.Other than that she is the only one up here that can at least give you an answer that resembles something intelligent.

        RECAP ; DIZZY ,BUCKY ,HOMELESS are in charge then add Obama as president that is the CLUSTER F%$K OF ALLTIME..

        MAYBE ONE DAY WE CAN COME IN TO WORK AND AT LEAST FEEL LIKE WE ARE IN GOOD HANDS WITH OUR LEADERS AND THEN I TURN AROUND AND LOOK AND THERE IS M.M CLAWING AT HIS BALLSACK.And just think he was temp/plant manager ,hell just gas us all and put us out of our misery....

      • Knotawiseguy has hit the nail on the head. TEN needed to close Harwell but N Yanos and his right hand man K Swint don't have the "kahuna's" to make a cut like that. TEN is kidding the stockholders and the investment community with their "restructuring" and "plant closings" as "cost reduction" initiatives. They are giving everyone the "sleeves off their vest" with this nonsense. The Cozad closing will result in minimal cost savings just like the "BIG" engineering center they closed at the "BEACH CLUB" in Australia!

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