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  • luckidogy luckidogy Nov 12, 2010 12:02 PM Flag

    What's the World Coming To?

    There was a time when Uncle Sam Sneezes, Rest of the World Catches a Cold!

    But now, we have to worry about Inflation in China!

    Go figure!

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    • You know it only makes sense for Blackstone Group or Private Equity Firm BY ANOTHER NAME to dump their holdings of TEN.

      Especially when they bought it at PRIVATE OFFERING (note the word private) for only SIXTEEN BUCKS under our noses!

      After all, what's good for TRW is good for TEN!

    • Howie Duty is laying on the beach with other peoples money. Tenneco's and customer money while everybody else is busy working. Its a wonderful feeling to know that the Howie Duty travel company is going to close after this trip. Enough has been wasted and the only persons who gain from it are Howie Duty and company. Duty's antics over the years have been ignored. Duty man must have something on somebody in that home office. Howie Duty programs on the street,management just shuts there eyes and let them fly. Pictures of nuse's at meetings, he was to chicken to show when home office management was around. Mr Howie Duty know it all , except exhaust.
      Its time for him to go out to the ride control JUNK pile.

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