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  • beckhamfan54 beckhamfan54 Mar 29, 2011 11:51 AM Flag

    Cambridge Plant What A Great Enviroment!!!

    Ahh such a great place to work, they mess up on our vac pay for years, we get told not enough money for tooling, safety mats etc but spend thousands painting the ground each time someone is coming for a visit. Have a revolving door of supervisors coming and going and finding out that 3 other former supervisors are not even in automotive. One is manager in plant that makes salad dressings, another is a postal carrier and one is in a wheel chair from being hurt here 3 years ago. Mister T must think because some of us are old and come from Corvo Island and Faial Island we are old and senile and he can’t be so farther. Having people like PG stay while Big mike was let go proved a lot to us. Seeing retired not get money because they are gone just shows that no one here tells the truth and even on the company’s website for cultures is farther from the truth. It’s like a political playground here as so many lie and are deceitful but negotiations and new contract is coming up and everything will come out. Maybe and I mean just maybe then a lot of people won’t be afraid to come into work knowing they have a job instead of waking each day wondering if doors will be locked or not. I am sorry butpeople worked while the mistake with Vac pays was being done I sure the hell deserve it, if not then that is theft. We make a mistake then we are written up and given a corrective action but is the person who made the mistake for years given one? Is the person who fired Mike G wrote up I doubt it hell the supervisor who was injured and now in a wheel chair did they write that person up Of Course not. How about the person who told some of us go into cage and change tooling, were they wrote up? Of course not. Yes makes it such a great place to come to and before I see comment quit if not happy, Happy like job not happy with such a dysfunctional management. 7 Years ago none of this happened so what does that tell you now.

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