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  • mikeoreily mikeoreily Apr 26, 2011 1:28 PM Flag

    Get The Facts People!!!

    Okay let’s get some facts, been watching the board for months and had enough people should look at and take notice. If you just follow the facts and not what this howie duty says who clearly doesn’t even have the mind capacity to say anything intelligent and all of his ramblings are over stupid and idiotic statements here follow this WHO CARES WHO GOES ON TRIPS!!!! You act like you know everything well if you did you would move up the ladder instead of making a mockery of yourself. SECOND Cambridge Plant is going to the wolves, people are getting taken for granted, and the ones in charge only got their positions because of the little kiss kiss smooch smooch on the buttocks.
    They post on their websites we get treated with respect our voices are heard and everything which is completely the most idiotic comment made. Hey HR why don’t you come and look then sit back drinking and sipping coffee going by what you hear. Do you not realize how many trucks are missed, how many bad faulty parts are made of course not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But someone us are told to keep robots working, bypassing certain things so you don’t look bad and then when issues are made you throw us to the wolves...... Nice......................... Big Mr T blows more smokes then a muffler but hey I guess if I kissed enough Butts too, everyone would believe everything what I say, heck he could say Santa was real and US would believe him.

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