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  • Activistholder Activistholder Jun 12, 1998 5:03 PM Flag

    June Quarterly Earnings ??

    Does anyone know if Tenneco is likely to meet their earnings expectations of $0.85 for the June Quarter ? Judging by the recent stock price decline, it looks as if the Street is betting against it.

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    • Exshockster,

      You hit the nail on the head
      with this statement. I don't think it can be summed up
      any better!

      Is it too late? I hope not! There
      are a lot of good and talented people with the desire
      to make something of this organization. All we need
      is LEADERSHIP and some cohesive management effort to
      get us there. A VISION FOR THE LONG TERM FUTURE would

      I know that "the street" is important, but we gotta
      have something for people to buy into. Products and
      service and value are the key. WHAT DOES the customer
      need and want? This IMHO is the key to being

      Build it and they will come.

    • Market share is one measure, but what is the size
      of that market? Going back to the early '80's, 50MM
      units + was the ride control market in US. It's now
      down to less than 32MM. Granted the market share has
      increased, but in an ever declining market. Replacement
      rates have also declined. Call it a double
      whammy.Exhaust has good product lines, but using a lower gauge
      metal in the muffler puts an average on vehicle life of
      24 months for the product all for the sake of short
      term profit vs. the reputation of the
      product.Automotive has had several chances to diversify or expand
      their base from ride control and exhaust to motion
      control and noise cancellation technology. They have not
      capitalized on the opportunities to expand their base
      companies. Analysis paralysis and egos always get in the
      way.There are opportunities, but the management is too busy
      focusing on narrow issues rather than the big picture.
      This is made even more interesting since sales and
      marketing upper management (day to day guys) has limited
      aftermarket experience and won't listen to the folks who know
      the markets.Tenneco Inc. has no track record running
      companies in the long term for profit. Look for more
      acquisitions or spins this year so as to cover up the effects
      of mismanagement in transition and reorganization

    • market share is only an indication of size relative to the size of the market. the danger ,imho, is when market share is bought at the expense of other investments.

    • It's a long shot in my opinion. Aftermarket is still struggling and the GM strike will start to impact OE soon if it continues.

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