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  • shark_97_98 shark_97_98 Dec 18, 1998 6:19 PM Flag

    no. 1

    i see that the valdosta mill has been chosen the number 1 linerboard mill in the u.s. Why would you sell a mill like that?

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    • We make an important contribution to this
      company. It's butt heads like you that cause these types
      of lawsuits. Our jobs are hard enough without having
      to deal with sexists like you.. get a life and go
      get some help..

    • Are you referring to the Texaco-like class action suit brewing in Greenwich? Scary stuff - hopefully for Dana's and the shareholders' sake it will not materialize further.

    • But he'll sell mufflers and tail pipes to these
      individuals if they pay list price and have the work done by

      And no girls in meaningful positions in the

      Well......the only meaningful position is
      on all 4s.

    • Little_Noah seems to have been busy at other
      boards, slamming and harassing people. Go to the search
      at the bottom of this page, type in his name and
      search under authors. You will see that he is a
      "little-NOWHERE" with nothing better to do!!! The following is one
      of his most asinine posts.

      Top:Business and
      (Advantica Restaurant Grp.)

      No Spicks or
      Wops at the Counter
      by: Little_Noah

      Dennys knows how to run a good shop and the way they run
      the people is just fine by me and all my

      Before you come in for a free birthday lunch, you
      know for sure if you deserve it at Dennys.

      Dennys will survive and prosper.

    • Your message was well stated and insightful. A
      lot of employees and former employees see their
      company as you do. Thanks for weighing in. I was offended
      by the cruel and rather stupid reaction your note
      received by someone; I would ignore it. Thanks for the

      The Tenneco Board met in Greenwich yesterday. They
      are in an extremely awkward position -- they forced
      Dana in July to announce that he would have a
      strategic plan to make public in October, and, of course,
      it's 1999 and no plan, while all the rumors are
      swirling around. The Board has to confront weak
      leadership, compounded and made much worse by his strange
      dependence on Stecko. To fire Mead, while desirable, would
      underscore the chaos. To continue obviously isn't working.
      Awkward was perhaps too kind a word.

    • So you little world was shaken up some when
      people around you got laid off. And that apparently has
      changed you attitude about the the negative

      You cannot do a really good job where you are when
      you profess to hate the company that employes

      Do the honorable (and smart) thing --- actively find
      another job and get the hell out.
      Do daly about it are going nowhere with your current

      Or just quit and see what life is all about with no
      job. You may lose weight. When you finally see the
      light, you will be motivated again.

      Wise up, is short.

    • P Man

      I can't agree with you more. Tenn
      has to identify new markets in order to survive .
      They need to identify Niche markets and leverage

      It has been said over and again Evans
      does not have a hnadle on the automotive industry.


      Dave Verbeeten has either resigned or been let go as
      of Fri.

    • I'm sorry, but those of us who are not pleased
      with Tenneco are not all malcontents and freeloaders.
      Here's my story:
      I've been with Tenneco for over 6
      years. For the first 4, I wanted nothing but to stay
      with Monroe (that's how we thought of ourselves... the
      Monroe family) and to do my best for the company - for
      the entire length of my career. I was proud of
      working for Monroe.
      Then came the layoffs. I bet alot
      of you reading this know exactly how we felt seeing
      quite a few of our coworkers being let go. It wasn't a
      pretty sight. At the Monroe facility there were police
      officers brought in to help with the layoffs. An HR rep,
      the lucky fella's manager, and 2 Monroe county
      sheriff's officers to stand guard while personal belongings
      were packed, and then escorted to HR and out the door.
      No goodbyes were allowed. The people who were layed
      off were treated like they'd committed a crime. And
      for those of us "lucky" enough to have our job,
      seeing the company to whom we'd all been so loyal do
      this to it's employees - well, let's just say that it
      was a traumatic experience. I haven't felt the same
      about this company since then. The loyalty I felt
      towards Monroe hasn't extended to Tenneco - the parent
      company. I'm no longer proud of who I work for.
      still here, still doing my best, but my motivation for
      doing my best isn't the same. I do it because I can do
      no less, I still have pride in the job I do, but I
      haven't remained at Tenneco out of loyalty. I've remained
      because I'm still learning in my position. And when the
      time comes, I'll leave. Hopefully to a company who has
      a little more respect for the people in the
      trenches, but that may be a bit naive.
      That's my story -
      perhaps not written eloquently. Don't be so quick to
      judge those of us who no longer believe in the company
      we work for.

    • I think you missed the point of my comments.
      That's precisely what I meant by Magic Minds and and
      messing with the numbers vs. managing the business. It's
      true that Stainless Steel has an effect on the current
      replacement rates for aftermarket exhaust. Which means that
      the business is not going to see tremendous growth
      like it was being passed off as. It means an
      adjustment in strategy and approach to the market. It means
      we do have to change tremendously the way we
      operate. The people who new this couldn't get the message
      across because on one wanted to listen in Mahagany Row.
      The money machine broke and actions over the last
      several years sure hasn't done much to address the issues
      and fix the problems.

      In a mature market you
      gain and grow by taking share away from the current
      competition and shutting out any new starts in the business.
      You also need to look for NEW PRODUCTS and new
      innovative ways to get to the market. We have always
      suffered from an arogance, until we find out that there
      are other options for our customers. And then we
      attempt to recover by a fever pitch of activity.

      As far as Art goes - he did some bad and was crude,
      but he did CHANGE the way we operated. I for one
      think he did some good as well (even though I didn't
      think so at the time he was at the lead). Hind sight is
      a sobering thing.

      Time will tell. WE HAVE
      BEEN HERE BEFORE. This business is cyclic. Remember
      when the advent of the converter in 1975 was going to
      end the aftermarket forever. The replacement market
      for converters in the aftermarket is now one of the
      potential bright spots.

      That's my opion - you can
      take it or leave it.


    • Art Hawkins --- naahh

      You are also wrong
      on the A/M point about new car sales. The problems
      stem from the load em up-short term approach that is
      residually left from the Monroe sales and marketing
      approach. Remember, the "gold jacket goofs" were commission
      paid. So, the only way they knew how to sell was,
      "Hello Mr WD please buy 10 truckloads in March, June,Sep
      and Dec (end of the quarter) for an extra 10% off. We
      Monroe guys are real studs. Right.

      8.5 years on
      an OEM exhaust system does not help the continually
      shrinking AM.

      When combining the dwindling
      aftermarket facts with the unbelievably ridiculous expenses
      left behind by the Jay Burkhardt, "Outspend the
      industry average by 3X and call myself a marketing genius
      approach" ..... what kind of earnings results would you

      PS Evans is history, the remaining guys are going
      thru shell shock or are basically clueless.

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