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  • paradigm_1998 paradigm_1998 Mar 25, 1999 10:52 PM Flag

    plan z

    i tried.
    i failed.
    what am i doing wrong?
    or, am i excluded????

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    • ...Hears a novel idea for you.....screw the
      pathetic profit you're praying about concern
      over the dignity of your fellow human being
      ???....Yeah I know ....tough for your money grubbing self
      centered world to comprehend.
      PS- I'm counting down the
      30 days....until you move on to your next loser
      investment scheme
      PSS- Don't forget to write back...when
      you lose your next bundle...We could always use a
      good laugh

    • But never a "real gent". I will take that as a

      Re: Your second paragraph, I thought that is what I
      was trying to say, but communication is often not
      clear the first time.

      I guess that we're all a
      little uptight with the current state of disarray, so
      maybe that explains some of the unkind thoughts that
      often appear on this board. Frustration can be a
      terrible force.

      I hope that all goes better in the
      next month or so. Heaven knows, it couldn't get much

      Good luck to us all,


    • deceive?? I think not. No "SS Minnow" here,
      possibly "Titanic" if we can't solve our problems...if you
      don't want to play... no harm done... there are those
      of us... who feel... that there's... safety... in
      numbers...and why do you type like this!?!?

      Why not look
      at it this way... The new Kinetic merger helped
      certain plants not one bit... so it's the waiting game
      again...we can bicker amongst ourselves, or...plan
      together...I know where I stand.

      And Pyle... you're not
      playing fair name OHL is not part of any

    • requested......the pow wow....was it...."the professor & ..maryann" ??? here on gilligan's (LF) Isle........
      Oh..........when we practice to......

    • ...The proof is in the declining market
      share....since Walker was decimated....but of course....that has
      to do with knowing customers....& the
      market....something an ignoramus....such as yourself....has
      absolutely no clue about.....keep clicking your heels &
      wishing...."the stock will go up" ..."the stock will go
      up"...."the stock will go up"....that's about the best
      strategy I can lend such a mindless fool....& certainly
      beats....any action you have undertaken in the past....
      definition of ZERO...."having no magnitude or
      quantity...absent....lacking" AKA....walmoron....AKA....your Ten stock
      value.......Keep the faith !!!

    • Is that there still hasn't been any word of the
      OTHER half of automotive. Good for the Milan & Napolean
      OH plants. Maybe this acquisition will solidify
      their position in the company, but exhaust??? OE or AM,
      we're still floating out there in never never land.

      As for a meeting someone mentioned on Wednesday,
      that must be a specific plant or LF. Nothing going on
      anywhere else. A meeting to discuss the financial position
      shouldn't happen until after monthend when info for 1st qtr
      is available. I'd be curious to hear what this
      meeting is truly about.

    • The sad part is that not only do you repeat
      yourself (three times),but you also can't spell. But then
      no one in their right mind would repeat anything you

      The sad part is that you repeat yourself (three
      times), but then no one in their right mind would repeat
      anything that you say, and you can't spell. That's OHL and
      Therobotz - - get it ?

      BTW, scum like you and the
      DUNG PERSON are not part of



    • A new and improved version will be posted this week end.

      Stay tuned,


      • 5 Replies to OLDHANDLUKE
      • Word is a Ten rep ...put the gun to
        temple....& by...left a wife & kids...rumor has it.....note
        mentioned.....job stress...among other things.....Hope those HR
        gestapos are proud of their accomplishments.....What did
        you do today mommy ?? Well junior....mommy was able
        to save Ten a severence package today !! First we
        got a bad old employee on Prozac !! Then we pushed
        him over the edge !! My bosses are so proud of me !!!
        .....You HR gestapos... hope you get paid back in
        spades...maybe your kin will have the "pleasure" of working for
        people as caring & feeling as yourselves !!....Why don't
        you hang some of the cerebellum on your a your contributions to society !!

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