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  • jake6691 jake6691 May 11, 1999 2:49 PM Flag


    Isn't it a total marical how these clowns have
    managed or mis managed this once great company into
    almost total ruin. All the spinoffs are doing better
    than the parent company. Look at cse nns and elpaso
    gas. Meade,Evans(who by the way left cse because he
    didn't get the presidents job)thank God. Its time to
    to us shareholders.

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    • Yes!!! I have been calculating my losses on a
      daily basis.
      From where I stand I don't see things
      getting any better for
      quite some time. Sad to say
      that the company you work for looks
      like nothing
      but a good short. Good Luck ex-Mobil employees!!!

    • Have any of you ex-Mobil employees calculated what the last 4 years have cost you? More importantly, what the next 20+ years will cost you if the current status quo continues?

    • And which management might lead us to
      that--Surely not the likes of those now! Wambold,
      Lazaredes,Morris, and Hart? We need to be sold to a company or get
      a manager that will rid us of this incompetence.
      Staff meetings here are like a freak farm at the

    • Close of market today Tower 24 7/8, Ten 24 15/16.

      Oh how the mighty have fallen.

      When will Ten be classified as a penny stock??

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      • I remember the dark days at Tenneco Energy before
        the deal with El Paso closed.

        We had these
        monitors in the building that showed the Tenneco stock
        price and the EPG stock price, updated throughout the

        Every day for three or four months we watched as
        Tenneco's stock fell and EPG's climbed.

        I remember
        vividly the day EPG's common share price overtook
        Tenneco's. It was like a stab in the back after all we had
        worked for. That was the worst day of the whole sorry
        ordeal. The gloom in the air was so thick you could taste

        Now, almost three years later, Tenneco continues to
        slide into the abyss while NNS, EPG, Case, et. al. have
        prospered. Dana and his overpaid cronies destroyed a company
        and a brand that meant something all in the name of
        greed and that elusive "shareholder value."

        they moved to Greenwich, Dana allowed a guy to stay on
        payroll with a unique job description: write a book
        glorifying the "Tenneco Story." It never got written,
        probably because there was no happy ending to be found
        anywhere inside Tenneco Inc.

        The Tenneco Story is
        a sorry one, indeed.

      • automotive with as much debt as possible,
        automotive goes bankrupt, can't repay debt,and packaging
        walks away with a clean balance sheet. Other than the
        bankers who lose, the only others that lose are the
        employees of automotive who quickly become unemployed, as
        no new contracts are awarded. No severance needs to
        be paid because automotive went belly up. NO

        These comments are purely speculative and for
        entertainment purposes only.

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