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  • I_smell_profit I_smell_profit Jun 28, 1999 10:50 PM Flag

    I want to Unlock Shareholder value!!!!

    From Dana...your fearless leader:

    I am
    very pleased to see all of the positive comments
    recently posted on this board. Some of the earlier
    comments seemed to indicate that my �valued� (he he he)
    employees did not appreciate my exceptional management
    skills. But with strategic measures like
    �Cost-Of-Quality, and eliminating �Cash Cows� like the Pipeline, my
    management team can focus on how to release TEN shareholder

    I am interested in exploring other
    industries that will restore the valuable Tenneco name to
    its rightful position of leadership.
    Does anyone
    know where I can acquire a major company that
    specializes in Drive-in movies?

    I think I just saw an
    alien� Honest!!

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    • Price has dropped because there are too many
      political ass kissers in the management role with this
      company and not enough people making things happen. Upper
      management needs to grab this bull by the horns and make
      something positive happen. Yes, now might be a good time to
      buy because the price has dropped dramatically
      lately, but don't be surprised to see this rock drop even
      further before anything positive happens. Wall Street has
      heard a lot of promises and a lot of restructuring, but
      still nothing positive. Wall Street is bored with the
      restructuring anouncements.


    • As a common investor of TEN I ask myself what is
      going on?
      I feel its looting, plunder & highway
      Here is TEN in a nutshell:

      Top 5 Institutions
      with open interest in TEN
      MEWHINNEY & STRAUSS, INC. 03/31/99 21,481,770
      2 MORGAN
      STANLEY DEAN WITTER & COMPANY 03/31/99 10,662,171

      5 HOTCHKIS AND WILEY 03/31/99 4,864,003


      VALUE: TEN has a Value of $22.9 per share.
      Value is the foundation of the VectorVest system. It is
      a measure of what a stock is currently worth. Value
      is based upon earnings, earnings growth rate,
      dividend payments, dividend growth rate, and financial
      performance. Current interest and inflation rates also play an
      important role in the computation of Value. When interest
      and/or inflation rates decrease, Value goes up. When
      interest rates and inflation increase, Value goes down.
      Sooner or later a stock's Price and Value always


      The prognosis? Bad Mission & Vision delivery.
      diagnosis? Sack & replace Top & Executive
      It's now up to the institutions to take immediate
      corrective action. Even a totally brain dead moron can do a
      better job at TEN. This current state of affairs is due
      to a fine collection of losers and victims at
      Tenneco Packaging and Tenneco Automotive. Precision
      surgery and a few key changes is all that is required to
      bring things back under control.

    • Reason is stock out of favor due to multitude of
      reasons. Primary is uncertainty of outcome of split up of
      two remaining divisions into two separate companies
      (see articles at marketwatch.com). Dividend will be
      less with new entities than it is with combined
      company (this has been known for some time). On positive
      side, earnings are strong as you indicate (tomorrow
      will tell more after press conference). Fair value of
      this stock was $33 six months ago (S&P stock report)
      and not that much has changed since then. Looks like
      stock has bottomed. Could be good contrarian

      Good luck!

    • I'm new to TEN and was wondering if someone could give a recap as to why the stock has fallen so much. Earnings seem to be strong.

    • Thanks to those who have responded, one way or
      the other. We have been aware for some time that
      Lyondell wanted to sell off parts of our facility. Maybe
      this is the start, or maybe not. I'll keep the resume
      handy. Thanks again.

    • Hi at ARCO,

      Each employee has the right to
      a different opinion, but I always considered him
      one of the more decent guys at his level. That
      doesn't say a lot, but it seemed that the incompetence
      and corruption of others did not rub off onto him so

      Good Luck

    • Ten. What are your prediction for Ten by next
      year. If they announce major restructuring that is
      laying off more people will earnings be coming back and
      the stock price going back to the 30 to 40 level. Any

    • Long time.....thanks for the reply....hope all is well...You're right....NONEACO......fits with the stock value as well...Cheers !!

    • ..sounds like a real dick......Typical Ten...When will they (Mgmt) cost cut themselves.....I'll give em the knife if they need one.

    • Seems to me, if you can sue Doctors for
      malpractice - - these
      C-suckers ought to qualify. They've
      done much more harm to more people than all the quacks
      since the beginning of time !

      Hey California - -
      how about another proposition ?

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