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  • wallstyank wallstyank Jul 29, 1999 12:16 PM Flag

    Tenneco Business Services

    With the final split of Automotive and Packaging expected in the next 60 days, have not seen any announcement about this division located in Texas. Will this become a stand alone business?

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    • could there be a clearer trend---this stock is just waiting for some
      bad news---and then to 8 or maybe 7----i can not believe
      such a big company is gonna tank

    • Got,
      You're exactly right. Too many
      restructurrings and nothing to show from them but a declining
      stock price.

      Latest rumor: Heard from a
      packaging guy that Mead is done come March. Maybe I'm too
      stupid to not have heard that before. However, if this
      is true, we should see a massive increase in the
      stock price.

    • The board of directors and the present managemnt
      quit immediately... if they claim to be human

      What a shame.

      Only the born losers are still
      working at TEN.
      Polish those resumes and get out
      before that wild
      stampede begins. All exits are
      getting blocked and
      only the rotTEN idiots will be
      left to die like flies
      trapped in an empty jar. BTW
      if you have a Tenneco on
      the reume then be
      careful...I had to change mine to
      Packaging Corporation
      to find a great job.
      The Tenneco resumes were
      all being tossed into the garbage!

      Thank god
      for saving my butt from these filthy sinners.

    • Great post. One question: Do you really think
      that it will all be over in two weeks?

      I agree
      that the PCA of the future will be much better than
      the present PCA. Leadership does have a lot to do
      with the way people feel about their jobs and their
      future. Moreover, I think the industry has done some
      things which will restore long term profitability.
      Although the present mill numbers don't show it today, the
      mill downtimes, shutdowns, etc, will prove to be a
      wise move. Pity that other "industry leaders" haven't
      the guts to do even more.

      Anyhow, great post,
      good opinions, especially the comments about
      military-types. Almost all military people I know are of high
      character, hard-working and dedicated. Once in a while you
      run into a "lifer" who suffers from rectal cranial

    • To:x1zt,

      You wonder why some people are so
      negative on this site. First, It's not disgrunteled
      employees, but employees/ex-employees that have seen a
      management team take a once good company and destroy it.
      Tenneco has restructured so many times in the last few
      years that the "Street" has lost all confidence in the
      current management. Most strong companies have at least a
      one to three year plans. Tenneco works on a quarterly
      plan. Check it out, in 1998 Tenneco ran quarterly load
      programs for customers, to try to improve quarterly
      results, they finally realized it wasn't fooling the
      "Street" and have abandonded that.

      Don't take mine
      or anyone on this sites word for the problems at
      Tenneco, just ask your broker.

    • Let me check something again.
      Yep, just as I thought, TEN still doesn't work.

    • take one down and pass it around (guess
      98 dollars of beer on the


      17 dollars of beer on the wall,
      17 dollars of
      beer, take one down and
      pass it

      Well campers, time for bed.

    • No one will likely defend the current management
      group, especially the top dog.

      However, there
      are some occassional voices for reason amidst the
      noise and babble of those who love to complain or whine
      or pontificate about who started what. I know very
      little of where the Automotive part is headed but wish
      them well. The news of the post spin-off, reverse
      stock split is not encouraging for them or me - let's
      hope someone else will buy Automotive after the spin
      and leverage what is left to begin rebuilding what
      was once a fine organization and product line(s).

      As for the new Packaging company, despite what you
      read here - many of us remain cautiously optimistic
      for a long term improvement. The past couple years
      have been difficult, and it may get worse before it
      gets better. That said, in the long run this packaging
      company has a lot going for it. The core business in are
      generally healthy and well positioned for continued growth.
      There are several new products or product extensions in
      the pipeline that are potential winners. The biggest
      problems from where I work are people problems....we need
      more people who solve problems make contributions
      instead of those who sit back and take effortless
      potshots or fuss to no end about this person or that.
      (ignore that guy under the identity PKGMGR - he is so
      wrapped up in hating Wambold, etc. that he can barely
      navigate the drive to work in LF). There was an
      announcement this week about Pkg earning dip and a big
      revaluation of "certain assets".
      If there needs to be
      some surgery, what better time to announce it than
      before the split...........

      I do not work in LF,
      but let's hope all the recent and ongoing
      organizational moves in Packaging are well thought out and
      aligned with where we want to be 2, 3 - 5 years from now.
      For this Packaging vet., I am fastening my seatbelt
      for a couple weeks more turbulence....but the
      destination and future of this company are worth it

      One last word Ref : Post #2618. Your response to that
      idiot was most appropriate. There are Great, OK, and
      piss poor managers from every walk of life (including
      the military). My experience with ex military is
      generally positive - few are the type to shy away from
      responsibility, leadership or for that matter accountability
      (rare indeed !). Their past contributions, be it
      fighting Toto, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Minh or Sadaam are
      appreciated by many (and most) people every day.

    • Look under Bumper Dumper this might be something more to Mr. Meads style of business. At least every one will know what to do with the crap that he dishes out.

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