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  • Pseudotsuga Pseudotsuga Sep 14, 1999 1:49 PM Flag

    S&P Values it at 32 3/4

    . . .

    With a hold rating.

    Come on
    folks, with a yield at now over 6.0%, and all the rats
    in sight jumping this sinking ship, do you really
    think a short-sale offers a good risk-reward ratio
    right now? The stock has to drop 11% over the next year
    TO BREAK EVEN (6% yield + 5% lost interest on your
    cash to borrow the thing, and tack on another 7% if
    you're on margin).

    Short term, you might still
    eke out a good gain on the downside with a short, but
    you better exit when the time is right. My charting
    indicators (OBV, and others) show no massive dumping into
    this ditch it's digging. That happened long ago. We'll
    see only marginal new lows, and then consolidation
    until the spin-off.

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    • The word is that the Aberdeen, MS plant is closing. Ellacot will be in the plant on Monday Oct 4 to make the announcement.

    • I am a LYO stockholder and am looking for knowledge on Mr. Blakely, your cuurent and LYO future CFO. Any remarks?

    • YOU ALREADY GOT IT! It was soooogooood to have
      sold half of my shares pre-El Paso at 51 1/2 and the
      remainder after the merger at 45.

      Dana, Dana,
      Dana...what a pompous a**. Dana is the only cost of quality
      problem Tenneco has. He makes Jim Ketelsen look like a

      What a feeling to have been spun off!!!

    • 2 bad if you sold into the gloom and doom
      forecasts by fools who think reverse splits create
      additional stock! If the B ratings are any indication, we
      may see multiple institutional buy or accumulate
      ratings. IMO the automotive company may get into a hostile
      take over situation if its still cheap after the
      spinoff. Longs hold on for a sweet joy ride.

      I see
      $20 in the rear view mirror.

    • The stock is finaly moving up on increased volume. Is this a dead cat bounce or do the fund mgrs see there is actually light at the end this tunnel?

    • The Stock Fairy feels your pain and wants to
      Place your TEN stock certificates under your
      pillow and the stock fairy will magically transform them
      into toilet paper.

      If you don't think I can
      help YOU, review the miracles I have performed for Mr.
      Mead.... (His stock won't split)

      The stock fairy
      does has a question...
      Can NYSE Stocks go

    • The 15,000 shares I represent vote NO on BOTH proposals.

      Bend Over Mr. Mead!

    • If the PCA IPO (which will price lower than 16 -
      19) moves the near term TEN price into the mid-20's,
      doesn't the combined post-split (1 for 5) price of PKG &
      AUTO need to be 100 - 125.
      The math
      notwithstanding, TEN will NEVER reach 20 again.
      The 3rd Q is
      going to be terrible (see a Bloomberg report from TEN's
      SEC filing... around 2/3 weeks ago) but TEN made no
      The reverse split, the junk bond attempt, an
      ill-timed PCA IPO... just more of the same from Mead et
      I bought TEN in Oct 98, averaged-down during the
      ensuing months, and finally sold 21,500 shares at 19+ (a
      loss of over 100K) after reading the Bloomberg
      If its filed, I'm in the class action.
      TEN is a
      shorter's dream right now.


      My message said the 1st 6 mo. of 1999, should
      said 1998. My mistake. I think the idea is the
      the same. I am unable to find updated statistics
      this subject.

    • This has the same stench as the J.I. CASE ipo several years ago.

      All of us lowly shareholders get the shaft!

      Bend Over Stockholders....INCOMING!!!!

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