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  • VALGAT VALGAT Oct 23, 1999 10:48 AM Flag


    The PCA IPO was suppose to be last week. Does anybody have any info on when it will be or why the delay. I figured it might mean not much demand.

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    • The reverse split was to keep the company's stock
      from becoming a penny stock. if TEN had left the
      outstanding shares total along the price would have been
      around 1.50 a share. during the split, for every 5
      shares of TEN u received 1 share of ten valued at around
      8 a share. along with this u received some shares
      of PTV. total share value was around 15.00 prior to
      the split. doing a reverse split also improves your
      eps as how there is fewer shares. bottom line, it is
      a smoke screen to
      take advantage of investors
      looking for a new company and the board and ceo of ten
      has been selling this in the hopes of sucking in
      buyers so that they can have the money to pay their
      golden parachutes, run their gulfstream and other perks
      prior to leaving TEN first quarter 2000. in case u are
      not aware, TEN value has dropped dramatically in
      1999. other boards and ceo's would have been ousted
      long ago but their position(s) was guaranteed by their
      own actions years ago. this action is their last
      chance to ensure TEN/PTV has the funds necessary for
      their retirements and buyouts. in speaking for our
      wonderful board, ceo and management team, Please Help Out,
      buy, buy ten so they can say bye, bye, bye
      with glee and laughter.

    • The company has been split in 2. Go back to the Yahoo(TEN)quote and news page and read the news releases for details.

    • I just started following this co. I am wondering
      why if the stock did a reverse split, a 5 for 1,
      should't the stock have gone up five fold! not

      Could someone explain what was involved.



    • I just started following this co. I am wondering
      why if the stock did a reverse split, a 5 for 1,
      should't the stock have gone up five fold! not

      Could someone explain what what involved.



    • When the epg nns spinoff occurred, ten issued a form on which to calculate cost basis. Has anyone seen this for the current move?

    • Your numbers are on a pre-reverse split basis, as
      are the nos. by the CSFB analyst on 10-15, who valued
      the co. at $740M. Post split (1 for 5) the co. is
      capitalized at about $240M, or one third of his analysis.
      This co. is dirt cheap, and I am buying.

    • surely the great Dana Mead and his entourage of genius management type would not allow TEN to sink below TEN! How about it Dana and gang,
      lets hear your opinion?

    • BIg news on buyout will be announced late Monday!

    • ...U dikwad.... obviously "give a damn"...about
      my worthless comments...unless there's some other bother to respond to them....The only thing
      "SHORT" is between your legs...Keep dreaming if you think
      some "REAL" business people are retarded enough to
      even contemplate buying the 3 billion $$ debt ridden
      archaic Ten Auto...Gee there's a bright future ....why
      would anyone "invest" in high' you can now have the forsight to own the
      "industry leaders" in rusty mufflers & cheapo shocks...& as
      an added bonus you could squander the rest of your
      $$$ on the " seperate" garbage bag & tampon packaging
      company...Geesh what were we thinking !
      Wake up douchbag look
      at the state of the industries & further down turns
      predicted by "wall street analysts with brains in their
      head" & in case you are not aware of this little known
      fact... some companies AKA ...Pan Am, AMC ..Big A.... to
      mention a few "NEVER COME BACK"

    • Check out TEN numbers.
      P/D, P/E, Debt and Book.
      New target price is 4.25

      Still short and very happy.

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