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  • wallstreetnemesis wallstreetnemesis Sep 23, 2010 6:42 PM Flag

    What Ails Us

    I read an interesting blog entry by one Graham Summers. It makes you think seriously.

    "More than 40 million Americans (12%) are on Food stamps. Nearly one in five of us are unemployed or underemployed....

    Three out of every five Americans are overweight. One in five are obese. Indeed, there are only two areas (one state, Colorado, and Washington DC) where obesity rates are under 20%...

    Nearly three in four of us don’t get enough sleep. Almost one third of us report having trouble falling asleep EVERY night. And almost half of us report that day-time sleepiness interferes with normal activities including work...

    One out of ten married couples report sleeping alone. The average American watches 28 hours of TV a week (enough to qualify for a part-time job). Two thirds of us eat dinner while watching TV, preferring the fake, sensationalized lives of others to engaging with our own families. "

    I also like a comment by a reader.

    "it is a problem of consciousness, or lack thereof. People in this country (and many other Western countries) are so distracted, so unconscious, they are not aware of the relationship between their actions and "cause and effect". What you do, what you say, what you think, effects others, and thus the world, thus your children's world and so on.....

    ......taking responsibility for one's self, not just our financial and physical self, but emotional, thinking, and acting self.....that's a start."

    My thought is that many of us are running in a race to nowhere. People are distracted by corruption and greed around them. Time to change ourselves and the "culture of corruption and greed" that has enslaved us.


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    • You might want to review the weight gains before and after the federal government established the "food guidelines" and taught them to everyone. Have you considered that eating "grains" (carbohydrates) as advocated by the government, might actually be contributing to the obesity problems?

      I do agree too many people, especially younger ones in our country, don't know how to think for themselves nor converse with others on meaningful topics. TV and computers are still "solitary" endeavors.

      Have you watched the youngsters when the power goes out, and, all the "toys" are inoperable? Most are "lost" as to what to do with themselves.

    • Wallstreet, I can tell you that people all over the world are getting fatter and obestity is a growing problem for the same reasons you state in Brazil and in France, two countries I know well. Having said that, the US is ahead of the others but the others will get there soon enough. Too much TV, internet and computer games along with too much fast food and no exercise. Sad commentary.

    • Nemesis: in a race to no where sounds like being on a treadmill, which many find them selves on.

      King Solomon put it another way at: Ecclesiastes 2: 17 (And I hated life, because the work that has been done under the sun was calamitous from my standpoint, for everything was vanity and a striving after wind.)

    • The short but ominous way to say this is "bread and cirucses."

    • tulsadevlin Sep 23, 2010 9:40 PM Flag

      Me thinks people are distracted with the internet,i-pod,blackberry,cell phone and TV as a diversion with no greed nor corruption in their endeavor.Although some my have a sinister purpose.

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