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  • j_owley j_owley Mar 24, 2012 4:08 PM Flag

    Saturdays financial report

    in the headlines on yahoo does not look very good for RSO. In the latest quarter big drop in income.

    Interesting it comes out on a saturday!

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    • Notice the "Operating income or loss" section and the difference from Sept to Dec.
      I switched from RSO to MFA after their last two earnings reports and many positive articles on MFA. GLTA

    • owley: I have noticed that not every thing on yahoo is real acurate. Just 1 piece of a larger puzzle so still worth looking at.

      gogo: to quote part of your post on 3/19 in the "Switching for RSO to NCT thread" you typed: "I do like to keep up on the RSO board though as the people here are very knowledgeable and there is hardly any riff raff on here.

      I agree with you about the knowledge shared here on RSO board, but your belittling comment makes you part of the riff raff! Not appreciated.

      AE_Savant: Thanks for the link. Your comments are always appreciated

      • 2 Replies to closeoutis
      • closeoutis great analogy with the puzzel pieces. I feel the same way, every bit of info helps to see the overall picture. I share the bits of info here on the board as it has been a great resource to me.

        I think it is interesting that some appreciate the tid bit of info and others nick pick it!

        The problem of putting the negative poster on ignore, is Once in awhile, something of value slips out of his key strokes. I do not want to miss those tid bits as they also can be another piece of helpful info.

        This poster reminds me of the disrespectful & arogant bragart we had here in 2008, on this board, that attacked many of our best posters. I hope it is not him here with a new name!

      • This guy doesn't learn though. He doesn't listen to anything anyone says. You could sit here and tell him that Yahoo is fairly inaccurate with much of their stuff, but yet he will continue to post their garbage. You have a point though. That was my bad and I appologize. I will just put him on ignore, which will solve the issue.

        Anyway, to contribute in a somewhat helpful manner, Yahoo articles are usually garbage in, garbage out. You are better off to to even use google finance. My offer does stand though. It's the same offer I give to people I know going to the casino.


      This summary YOY doesn't look so bad. Yes, last quarter was lean but the aggregate data for the year is likely more reliable an indicator than a 1-quarter snap-shot.

      I'm curious why the income tax expense was multiples of other quarters. That $8 million alone was like a sledge hammer.

    • Wow! You seriously have money in the market? Seriously? I tell you what, you give all the money you have in the market to me. I will then give half of it back to you. In the end, you will have half of your money left instead of none like you are going to end up having from the market.

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