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  • mario_luis_gomes mario_luis_gomes Jan 15, 2013 7:48 PM Flag

    Is it missleading that Yahoo is showing RAS having PE of 5 and $1.30 earnigs/share for next year?

    I think many investor are looking at the Yahoo number of RAS that shows a very low PE of around 5 and pretty impressive earnings for next year... But I'm pretty sure RSO numbers are way more solid, problem is $0.84 for next years earnings is way below RAS's... RAS it is the NON GAAP, for RSO its the GAAP value.... Anyway, my point is that Yeahoo is on the surface displaying RAS as a company that is making more profits per share, thus RAS is moving higher and RSO is going nowhere.

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    • I doubt serious money is making trades based on what yahoo reports. RSO will lag until they show the newly raised money is truly being put to use in a productive way to positively impact revenues per share so that the dividend can start going up again. Not sure why RAS is making such a big move. Yes they are back to raising the dividend, but they have a ways to go just to reach the level where REITs like RSO and NCT already are and where NRF is looking to be.

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      • I think it is obvious that RSO is trying to drum up interest among institutional buyers for another stock offering. Obviously, NOBODY is going to buy the stock on the open market if they can buy it very soon at a discount when RSO formally offers the stock. Notice that the stock hits the wall at $6/hsare.
        This is another example of the management of RSO stabbing the shareholders in the back. Look at the enormous difference now between NCT and RSO, and NRF and RSO. Not so long ago, the price of RSO far exceeded NCT and NRF.

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