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  • crapped crapped Oct 30, 2012 11:12 AM Flag


    They got permits to begin mining on 6 sites immediately They will begin production right away and than once we get numbers of how much is coming out of the ground then we can calculate what valuation this company has. This is great news for shareholder because now we have a mining company rather than hope that Tirex becomes a mining company. The deal with the Turkish company to do the milling will allow Tirex to become cash flow positive in 2013. I feel this is the beginning of great things. This news is the reason to keep this stock because some of the risk has been removed. 2013 should be great and I plan holding until I find a better risk and reward that Tirex.

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      I totally agree with you but #$%$ we are down .08 since the permit approval announcement. Your thoughts ??

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      • On June 22, 2012 this stock was trading at .34 then the next trading it traded at the largest volume out of no where 657,100 with a high of .47. Today the stock 242,980 shares with 201,880 at the ask and only 41,100 at the bid.. This tells me once again someone was in the know that the permits were going to issued an bought a ton back in June and today was a accumulation day for someone trying to get a bigger position. This news makes Tirex into a mining company!! This is the time to be patient and not concern yourself over daily fluctuation it is only up from here. When news like, mining has started, how much is being milled, how much metal is coming out of the mill, and then revenues. I cannot fore see much bad news. I see a day out of the blue after this news has been digested that this stock pops past .84 then. 89 and then $1.20 which to me are all resistence area's. Then after $1.20 we see a lot higher prices. My thoughts Personally just relieved that permits came in and now I want some reward for my risk.

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