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  • greenpastures_00 greenpastures_00 Oct 10, 2001 9:26 PM Flag

    Did I make a mistake

    Tried Shorting today at $7.40. I suspect we havent't seen the bottom yet. I hope to cover @ $7.20 on 5,000. Any other shorts out there?

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    • YOU SHORTED 5000 SHARES AT $7.40??and now u freaking because it is at $ 7.56
      thats a lousy $750 you loosing
      i fu*&ing bought at $23 and been averaging down ever since
      i wish $750 was all i have lost so far
      try $15000
      now all i can do is hold and wait
      even if it will takes years or decades before i make my origional investment back
      When ever i trade im in for the long term
      once the market recovers and corning will have some positve news i will buy more and hope to even within the next year or two
      My guess about 5 years before we ever going to see anything close in the $20
      $12 by next year
      all imho

    • You tell me. If you think this is some kind of coiled spring I'd love to hear your rationale. All I can see is more bad news piling upon itself for the next 18 to 24 months. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe the world markets are on the cusp of a major bull run. Maybe the ebullient economy will induce more people to pay for broadband and the world will quickly consume all available fiber. Seriously, can you give me ONE good reason to cover this thing. Maybe you can...I'm listening.

    • yep, i covered at 7.40, no more juice in this grapefruit, this is in the lu, jdsu mode, bottom huggin, but not a short, ultimately this will break out, who knows maybe tomorrow, maybe in 3 months but believe me the charts say this is the bottom, lest they go under, a very small chance of that,,,sorry,,cover as soon as you can,,,you are way behind the curve here

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