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  • oliviah26 oliviah26 Dec 20, 2001 3:47 PM Flag


    No need for fiber in the next decade. Glw should have stuck to dishes! All the telecos have to much debt and will not expand until the debt is gone! That will be in about a decade!

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    • Which "low" are you talking about?

      GLW has not been this low since 1991!

    • No I am not! Check the book value out dude!

    • You gotta be kidding!

    • You doom and gloom is well appreciated. Its fudsters like you who create buying opportunity in a Fortune 500 company like GLW. GLW is not solely fiber optics! They do some drug research and are heavy into LCD display guy! A large revenue stream comes from LCD guy! Bet you didn't know that!

      True there is doom in the telecom sector in the short run. This is the time to buy companies like GLW! That is the one I'd buy before any other company in the sector. Why? Billions of assest and it has got lots of cash and a clean balance sheet! Minimum debt and a well established name.

      Also, consider the fact the internet business has not peaked! If the economy turns by the second half of next year business internet expansion will continue to grow as the economy slowly makes the turn. Not all the fiber has been laid yet. What about the millions of customers and businesses out in the rural sectors?

      The name of the game is to buy during bad times. Buy when nobody wants the stock and to sell during good times. You've got a backwards way of thinking (wait till GLW stocks climbs and buy and sell if there are any signs of any down tick). You shouldn't even be buying GLW if you don't have a five year time horizon! GLW is no short play! If you want momentum go buy JNPR, QCOM, EMLX, BRCD, Nvidia, or BRCM. Many individuals have lost their tails trading on momentum!

    • ... I usually don't reply to irresponsible posters because it's just a waste of time - HOWEVER - if you insist on bashing a company,
      why not, at least, learn some fundamentals on financial trading? If you really believe half of what you post (which I sincerely doubt) then
      you should really take a course in the Markets
      at your local college. However, I suspect you just like to "stir up the pot", so to speak.
      And you will, mostly likely, continue to do so.

    • So if I understand you. You are investing in companies that remove, splice, and relay fiber optic cable. After all if it is in the ground but at the wrong location it ain't gonna do much good. Is it!

    • It will take two decades.

    • i can walk, i tell you, i can walk.
      dr strange glove


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