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  • insidefiber66 insidefiber66 Jan 8, 2002 5:02 PM Flag


    GLW next stop 8!

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    • I too like GLW for it's diversification. However I like it for it's culture as well. Here is a company that has gone through considerable change during the ninties searching out the photonics hot spots. They are also large.

      I firmly believe that photonics, which ever way it is used, will continue to be one of the major economic cornor stones for the next 100 years if not longer. Because GLW is large, diversified and with a culture that searches out change and opportunity in photonics, I think that it is a good long term hold with very large potential over the 5 to 10 year term. There is also the market desirability and "glitz" that photonics has - this is not going to go away when the next big thing comes along in photonics such as photonic computing, essentially where photonics is used to perform very fast, very energy efficient and thermally cool electronic type functions. Much of this will occure because of materials research, of which Corning is already there. Furthermore there will be applications in photonics that we simply have not seen as of yet.

    • What diversification ?
      Telecommunications accounted for 72% of 2000 revenues; advanced materials, 15% and information display, 13%.

      I like your optimism

    • I think you may well be right for now re fiber demand, don't know about Jerry Springer, but I like GLW for it's diversification also. Whether it is the latter part of this year or into 2003 I still figure there will be greater demand at some point.

      Last year I was buying AT & T while the pundits said it was stupid. I have done quite well with T and will do better in the future. You pays yer money and you takes your chances, same as it's always been. People were saying telecom was dead and now some are saying it's not so dead... we will see...


    • i expect a lot of the posters on this board have been on past episodes of the Jerry Springer show dealing with incest....especially those thinking that large demands of fiber have unexpectedly fallen from the sky....demand is still very low....

    • I have a question...Does it hurt to be that stupid? I guess being a saleman at a Radio Shack, Mr. insidefiber66, (ROFLMAO), doesn't leave much time to work on that G.E.D.

      I have a second question...When did you and your brothers (micropterus2, magadan19) find out your parents were first cousins?

    • Learn to read reports correctly. No warning from CSCO

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