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  • adfib77 adfib77 Aug 21, 2002 8:43 PM Flag

    Does Anyone Know

    if Bill Miller has been buying Corning ?

    Also, BostonDeb, you have been here 5 years, is this a buying opportunity now ?

    I don't really know GLW except that it seems totally oversold concidering their products and their propensity to survive tough times..

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    • <Also, BostonDeb, you have been here 5 years, is this a buying opportunity now? >

      Well, I'm is at 61, so I'm probably the last person to ask, and I did a wealth of research and did my DD to the max, many years ago. Go figure. I guess it's like a cereal box, you think you know which prize is in there, it's pictured right on the box, but when you reach in, a different one was stuck in the ole box to surprise ya!

      That's a question NOBODY here knows the answer to, and if they say different, they're idiots.
      The market is run by some forces other than opinions. Many variables effect the movement. You can read all the articles, economics, politics, psychology, monthly statements, analyst reports and you still don't know what tomorrow will being at this point.
      Screwy market right now...
      Follow your own instincts right now, none of us know jack sh*t where this market or GLW is heading..

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      • Now that is an honest answer.Thanks BostonD.
        Know wonder all these guys want you....

      • Re to:
        "Well, I'm is at 61, so I'm probably the last person to ask, and I did a wealth of"

        So, if you are 61, why does your post say 52? Might consider updating, or are you stuck at 52 like some in my close family?

        The most important element in investing and not losing ones shirt/whatever is the stop loss. Takes discipline and goes against our nature, but that is why it works. JMHO.

        PS Also consider the "fad of the day" like The New Economy to be a trap. Laws of economics still work. GLW lost sight of the these laws just like many, many others who thought the market for goods could grow forever without a retreat.

        Happy day at the beach.

        B-17 ride was a blast yesterday. Will go in my memory for ever. (Just a man thing)

      • I agree with you Boston Deb. This company has shown much endurance over the years, however,you never know where the tide may turn. I am going with my instinct and staying with GLW.

    • I'm not sure about Bill Miller, but yes - this is a huge buying opportunity. But only if your horizon is a couple or few years.

      It most likely will vascillate in the short term because there probably won't be any compelling news to move it until fiber turns up, but the other business areas will be increasing steadily. Once all business areas are hitting, it will move steadily and strongly.

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