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  • glenbo100 glenbo100 Feb 7, 2003 10:02 AM Flag

    Hedgies Playing Again

    Killing gains on this stock again...

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    • For your 300,000 shs. I couldn't agree more. Be like Gordon Gund. Clip coupons and enjoy the "A" list in PB. But for some hungry little hondler who's got a small scope in the 'war room' & is drooling to show the kind of percentages that that'll get his pit boss to unleash another 10 or 20 million for him to cowboy a little blip, say 50M shs @ 4 1/4 is $212,500. Now if he can schlep 5% then he's copped $10,625 on a day trade. He sees where the parameters are and he plays within 'em. Beats a long handled shovel ! 'Course livin' that way he never gets to have lunch at the club.

    • Re to: old
      "Hedge funds can certainly affect markets, but that's just part of the game. IMO those who can't stand the risk involved probably should not be in the stock market unless it's through mutual funds."

      Profound statement. (include day traders etc)

      Like most of life: there is a game, rules are set, either play by the rules or find another game. The whiners and those looking for Gov. to make a new LAW, well, just leave.

      Repeat: Play the game, or leave.

      Have a nice trading day all.


    • How with all this good huge news, can the hedge fund managers keep the price down?
      And another question: if this is true, that the hedge funds are depressing the stock price now, does it mean that we will never see price appreciation with increased profitability, and sales in all areas of the company?

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