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  • glassuser52 glassuser52 Mar 7, 2003 12:57 PM Flag

    French Prestige

    French prestige is skyrocketing as leader of the rest of the world. I'm no fan of the French, and believe they helped get us in this mess by not be tougher with Iraq in the 90s. Now, they are the leader and most of the rest of the world is giving them more respect than the U.S.

    Why? The U.S. is not being honest, and this is obvious to the rest of the world, if not to us. Here are 4 examples of what I'm talking about:

    1. Claims that Iraq is tied to 9/11 & Al Qaeda. Bush has cried "Wolf", where no wolf is present.
    2. Nukes. Iraq is not developing them, in spite of what Bush says.
    3. Democracy. If we are really in favor of democracy, we might pay some attention to world opinion.
    4. U.N. We (U.S.) have ignored Israel's defiance of U.N. for 30+ years.

    It is becoming increasingly and distressingly clear that, however justified the coming war with Iraq may be, the Bush administration is in no shape—diplomatically, politically, or intellectually—to wage it or at least to settle its aftermath. It is hard to remember when, if ever, the United States has so badly handled a foreign-policy crisis or been so distrusted by so many friends and foes as a result.

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