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  • lscottman lscottman Jun 11, 2003 5:20 PM Flag

    Chartny et al

    As a newbie to this board, but having read intensively, I realize Chartny is one of the more knowledgable posters. I agree putting in sell orders at whole dollar values is dumb. However, my point is $8 appears to be the current ceiling. See previous post if you do not know the definition. I want to see it climb to $10 and higher. I hold long term. I do not buy and sell trying to make 30 cents on every transaction. Not tht I disagree with others who would do that. Its just not for me.
    Thank you

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    • Re to: pharma

      Agree for the most part.

      "Still a fiber, LCD and emissions play with some semiconductor and lab glassware. Similar enough that I think comparisons can be made."

      Not to forget back in 1997 and most of 1998, Consumer products was the largest division of GLW and it did not make money. Struggled to break even long enough for a sale of the division.

      I think they learned a lesson back then. That is when the business cycle is over, and the cash cow starts to run dry, SELL, CLOSE, or whatever. In the case of TV bulbs in State College PA, they planned that about 5 years ago. They planned the cap spending, and the people resources to milk it for all it had and everyone knew the end was near. I think they now have an exit stategy for any mature business now. The present businesses are more fresh by far now than ever in the past. Just need time and patience here.

      Sense in the general trading market people are longing for the good old days of sky high PE and irrational buying. My, how short the memory is. As for me, I have only 2 stocks with no P/E (or infinite if you will) and that is AOL and GLW. All my other stocks have P/E of 18 or less and all pay dividends or 2% or better. I will stay with the value stocks as I see them, except GLW, and inherited AOL and have nothing to lose there.

      Have a nice evening.


    • And I like your educated.......................................................analysis.......................................................luv ya, sweet thang.......................

    • Re to:scott
      "As a newbie to this board,..
      I hold long term. I do not buy and sell trying to make 30 cents on every transaction. Not tht I disagree with.."

      As a newbie here you should soon realize this board is a mix of crazy and serious people. If your skin is thin, then you are in the wrong place. I for one trade as a hobby, so have no intent to get serious. It's only money so not to get too serious.

      As to trading for 30 cents, well, I go for less but respect longs. I am retired and have several long stocks, junk bond funds, and even municipal bonds. Diverse I am.

      I'll swing trade for a % or a few hundred or thousand if it is fun. Anything but getting serious about this.

      Hope you have a nice evening, and do not take us too serious.

      I saw a serious workup by a local house for GLW management and local investors. They had calculations that showed GLW could return to it's 1996 end of year size, earnings, and debt by mid year 2004. If so, take the 1996 price and factor in splits, and general market movement and predict $12.50 by then. That was almost a year ago. They are still on track for that in MHO. So much for the serious stuff.

      And if I use the "S" word again, shoot me! kidding.


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