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  • alphawolf58 alphawolf58 Mar 17, 2004 11:59 AM Flag


    The far right is correct in noteing that there are alot of librals around. At least half of the american population is liberal and more than 90% of the planet is liberal. I define liberal as to the left of Bush.

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    • ridgerunnerny
      You obviously are a bigger moron that I thought. That text was about incentive, democracy, and striving for a better life. All are impossible under socialism. I suggest you read The death of socialism, by Roger Kimball. Then you won't make moronic accusations that do nothing other than show your ignorance.

      You seem to make a fool of yourself on every board you're on. You're well known around these boards for stupidity.

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      Subj: Re: Flying Sand Dunes WMD
      By: ridgerunnerny
      Date: 03/19/04 03:07 pm

      come on, deb, you supported clinton, didn't you?

      No, but I blew him once. And I held his cigar in a very special way.

    • reply to key
      {come on, deb, you supported clinton, didn't you?}

      You know, keyser, Deb and Tennessee are Socialists. He gave the text of Socialism and she agreed. So they must dislike (loathe) those who are not of that leaning. So must be aginast Bush, but some are ashamed of their candidates. Kerry, Kennedy, Dean, and such.

      We have plenty of examples of Socialism at work. France and Germany with ~10% unemployment and zero economic growth. Maybe they can create jobs. France tied that with 35 hour work week, and long vacations to make more work. It has failed everywhere it has been tried.

      Porblem with Socialism it destroys incentive. It takes the fruits of the labor of the industrious and gives it to those who do not work as hard.

      If our gov takes more from us to create jobs, then maybe 20 cents of each dollar will reach the gov employee, and the job they create is usually not useful. And in doing so, it took a dollar that we could spend at home and create a real job at a real company, making goods that we choose, not the gov. Our incentive is gone when they take our pay and send to WV to build a bridge using high dollar union workers. [or Boston to dig a tunnel]

      Fortunately, enough of US still want to spend our own money, where we think best, and the Socialists will not prevail. For now anyway.


    • Keyser-I haven't gotten to Kerry yet, havent' talked about him cause I am still ignorant on the, and I have to get ready right now. I will get back to you, promise.
      ps-I think Michael Moore should run Ficus for ofice again.....did you ever read about that? Hysterical.

    • "I do care about his (Kerry's) stance on issues."

      really?!?! what are they? i mean seriously, all joking aside...what is kerry's big plan? besides cut back on military and intelligence when we need them as much as ever?

    • Did I support Clinton? On some things yes, on some no. My personal thoughts on the sex issue is I don't care. Johnson, Ike, Kennedy, Arnold, and so on, I don't care what anybody does or did in their sex life, that was Hillary's problem, not mine.
      In fact, someone wrote a 2 post thing on Kerry (whom I have yet to discuss) and his background/life.
      I was going to respond with a heritage check on members of the Bush family and his background but didn't. If I did, it wouldn't be pretty.
      I don't care about who Kerry married or where he ski's, I do care about his stance on issues.
      They all lie, it's who the lie hurts that is my issue.

    • ok, if you say so.

    • I can't accesses it from the link. I can imagine, tho.

    • "No, just another lie."

      come on, deb, you supported clinton, didn't you? why is it wrong all of a sudden that we have a president who might be lying? at least i know bush is doing what he can to protect this country.

    • check yer email. posted a link to an interesting article from the 'the Daily Reckoning'.

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