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  • woodsgirl woodsgirl Jan 15, 2005 11:31 AM Flag


    All analysts love GLW; targets range from 12.00(duh?) to 18.00 and 24.00 !!!!

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      "Now what was it you said you had become?"

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    • off its rocker. That was a sucker punch.I have been blindsided. Harsh education just meated out here folks.I stand at attention sir!!!!AMEN

    • >>>>>>>Would you like to have a conversation about this comment?

      >>>>>>>Give me your reasons why SIRI shouldn't have been picked over XM.


      - XM has 3.2 mln subs to SIRI's 1.1 mln.

      - XM is fully funded to CFBE (which will occur in early '06) and for SIRI CFBE is nowhere in sight. SIRI will lose $200 mln for Q4 (its biggest loss ever) while XM will lose $100 mln, and their loss has been consistently declining for the last year while SIRI's increases every quarter.

      - XM's CPGA is something under $90 while SIRI's is something over $400.

      - XM has commitments for factory installs (the Holy Grail) from OEMs selling over half the new cars each year in the US, and these guys will install 2 mln units in '05 while SIRI's OEMs will install a few hundred thousand.

      - XM has at least a 12-18 month technology lead so they have portables (SIRI doesn't) and alternate revenue streams (like Navtraffic and WxWorx).

      - XM's announcement of Connect-And-Play, largely overlooked by the media & markets, was the biggest event of CES -- one which will put "XM Ready" radios in the hands of MILLIONS of people by the end of '05. Sirius can't produce anything to compete with it for at least a year (probably longer).

      - SIRI's management, after diluting with impunity, has now run up a half billion in debt again, plus $800 mln in NFL-related commitments and Stern's half billion.

      - SIRI has bet the entire company on Stern. Stern MAY bring a couple million subs, but that isn't enough to get it where it needs to be.

      - XM just executes with precision, while SIRI does bullshit like announce "video for the backseat" three years running with no progress whatsoever toward a deliverable product.

      - SIRI's operating cash burn will hit an all time high of $115 mln for Q4 (perhaps more), while XM's will approach zero.

      - XM's subscriber lead continues to grow quarter after quarter. While Sirius had its best quarter in Q4 ever (after spending a half billion on one big Stern Publicity Stunt), XM still increased its subscriber lead in '04 by a million subs. Based on both companies' guidance (both conservative, IMO) XM will more than double that lead in '05.

      Sirius is nothing but hype. XM is the real thing, and continues to prove it quarter after quarter. For those who do their homework, it is a no-brainer to choose XM (which is why 90+% of the shares are in the hands of institutions who aren't letting go). For those who run on hype, Sirius is the obvious choice.

      Anything other questions?

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    • RE: Think about how tivo has changed viewing habits.

      It allows you to go cruise for young boys and come home and then watch your favorite Tivo'd gay porn.

    • Eric Satie? Charles Ives...Burl's brother?

    • I was looking over the new media player on Windows XP and found a function to Rip data off our my current Cd's and create my own personalized stuff. Roy Orbison +Mark Knoffler +Charles Ives and Eric Satie. Neat stuff.

    • <I also own SIRI >

      I never would have guessed :o}

      <VCR and DVD will keep satellite and cable down>

      Apples & oranges. Think about how tivo has changed viewing habits.

    • make SIRI, XMSR, as well as Blockbuster, Netflix and most content co. obsolete. Design your own playlist of music or video or choose from thousands of formats streaming out and trasnportable because it all comes from your online saved content choices site/service. Wireless is where the growth is. New kinds of materials for screens will also take over soon, look at the SED tv tech. coming from CAJ via Toshiba. GLW looks like it is getting ready for a dramatic move, but is it up or down? hogs,uu[m,a]daclyyay[dd][pb50!d20,2!f

    • Mo,

      For Xmas, the spousal unit gave me a Myfi from XM. I don't trust the dorks at Circuit City to install my car antenna, so it is a bit cumbersome, but still beats FM radio for music. XM has a station called "Deep Tracks" that plays the seldom heard songs from groups you've heard of and also from obscure groups as well. I clicked it on the first time and heard SeaTrain. I hadn't heard them since college.

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