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  • philandjoelle philandjoelle Jun 3, 2005 12:09 PM Flag


    Here are your choices :

    Maria Bartiromo, Liz Clayman, Becky Quick or Melissa Francis (she's the oil girl).

    My pick is Melissa Francis, but I wouldn't complain if I were stuck on a desert island with any of them.

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    • Kind Granni,

      I completely understand the state of affairs and options available to us. I, like you, are a proponent of the ignore feature. In this particular instance, I have chosen not to ignore.

      Rules generally speaking are not hard to follow, except for this emotionally challenged young fellow. Defending ones values can at times be much more challenging particularly when dealing with a behemoth such as Yahoo. There is indeed strength in numbers. Perhaps if we do not accept the canned response to an abuse complaint at face value and reply with further specifics, in particular the prior id�s that have been used, we may see results.

      Things are only useless when we give up. The choice is yours as well my dear. I do thank you for taking the time respond, I know your intent was in my best interest. Certainly you could not be defending this young man's right to spew his poison.

      Pax vobiscum.

    • amen brother.

    • Hey fan-Only bad thing about them.. The smaller the better. When you cook the big ones they lower the temp. of the grease--Yukk. Size does count!!

    • capt,

      one time at work this guy from madagasgar brings in some fried smelts. he heated them up in the microwave.....oh man what a smell.....

    • Hey scabber-Did the Smelt run in Seneca this past season? We can buy them frozen down here but they are expensive and large.

    • he couldn't bring himself to bite and chew.....sacrilege....all his buddahs have been replaced with dildos....he's a practicing phallic

    • Hey Stu...

      If nothing else, that post proves how stupid the ball-less little twit is.....

      Must be all that squintin' he does.....he swallowed that lure quicker than.....well, then again, maybe not.....I hear he wanted to compete in Nathan's Hot Dog eating competition, but was a little confused on the rules.....

    • Let's eradicate this scum

      http:/ /

      You're either part of the problem or it's resolution, there is no middle ground on this one. Let's go folks.

    • Wow! Great post. My thoughts completely. I've invited the little sh1t up to Lodi, NY but he doesn't even respond. Is there anyway we can totally ban the guy irrespective of his handle. My recollection is that its been done before but he comes back under a different but like name. There must be something we can do...

    • 10 posts in a row, all about fags, sucking, cocks, assholes, homo-acts. one would have done, but you take so much pleasure typing with one hand and jerking with the other.
      jeez, you are one sick MF, and i believe that literally.
      there are kids out there wishing they could walk, see, hear, talk, smile, laugh, run, play, but instead a worthless pos like you has those privileges. you'd probably take advantage of those kids if you could, you're such a slug. bet you touch your own.

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