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  • conflux2 conflux2 Feb 16, 2006 11:52 AM Flag


    I'm amazed at how the media will ignore a story like a former Vice president getting paid to deliver a speech in a foreign, primarily muslim nation, during a time of war, in which he bad mouths America and shoots millions of Americans in the back! But they'll talk about Cheney accidentally shooting a friend for 100 hours STRAIGHT!

    We've heard Cheney take responsibility for his actions. When is Gore going to apologize for his?

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    • got your attention? HEY PHIL, GLW over 25.

    • <EOM>

    • That was so lame. Gore is paid millions by foreign governments to make anti USA speeches. As for the Katrina story, it's an urban myth.

      You know the one thing that pisses me off about the Katrina coverage -- its easy to do stories about the hardship, suffering and the sympathy these people deserve, but the media doesn't have the balls to do the stories they really need to help these people!

      For example, we get the story about the tens of thousands of people who didn't get evacuated (and images are shown to highlight that they're mostly black people).

      We get the story about the tens of thousands of people stuck in the superdome with trash all over the place and not enough doctors (and images are shown to highlight that they're mostly black people).

      -- so why didn't we get a story about the tens of thousands of lazy ass black people laying around all day long that could have been picking up the trash? Why didn't we see images of tens of thousands of black people organizing work parties to improve their surroundings and help others in need?

      Is there some reason why our media doesn't hold black people accountable for their own well being? We see that our media is a bunch of pussies when it comes to facing the muslims and their cartoon issues, but is our media so wimpy that they can't say on the air, hey fuckers, get off your lazy asses and pick up the trash you're wallowing in instead of complaining about it and waiting for someone else to do it for you!

    • Re to:con
      "We've heard Cheney take responsibility for his actions."

      Yes but that was on the "F" network, you know the one with the big audience. But not on the little "also ran" networks. How could he do that and leave out the Elite Talkers?

      Yes, the shooting story is really about the Elite News people. They will be bent out of shape for a long while. I feel their pain. NOT.

      Have a nice GLW day.


      See where the top GLW people are cashing in their pay checks. (stock options) That is about as important in the big picture is the shooting is in the world news.

      Tempest in a teapot!

    • imagine flying 3 planeloads of people out of dire straights,paying for it with his own money,and not advertising that fact for egoistic glory

      funny, YOU know all about it! LOL Maybe he can run again with Billary as VP -- Their platform can be OPPORTUNISTIC instead of OPPORTUNITY!

    • I have faith that Chaney, Delayed developement, and Dunce II will be seen for what they are as the wheels continue to come off their the news, keep the faith, and don't let the likes of Ralphie Reed con you. OH Ralphie by the way, did your bud tell you about the great vests he sold the army? Or the Indian tribe he bilked with your help? Get old Zell Miller to help you lie Ralph, get Bushie over in Atlanta to give you a hand....

    • you have to understand that pretty much with the exception of FOX NEWS, that the rest of the media are all LEFT WING LIBERALS. so they pick and choose what they want to high light and i'm sure you see this all the time..GORE is a disgrace..the other idiot is DEAN..

    • continuing..
      "Cheney accidentally shooting a friend for 100 hours STRAIGHT" .
      For 100 hrs?

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