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  • fogetabouutit fogetabouutit Jan 22, 2007 11:01 AM Flag

    All I Gotta Say Is . . .

    Thank you ESPN pro f-ball experts for ALL of you picking a team with six losses to win, on the road, over a team with three losses. This wasn't about the Saints losing, it was about the Bears crushing the Saints. This was not close.

    Thanks for your complete ignorance and motivating the Bears as they try to win their 10th football championship. Hope you pick the Colts 100% as well.

    Da Bearzzzz!!!!

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    • Gotta say I am going with the Colts. To much MAN ning power. Grossman will gross out. Bears Defense could suprise though. AFC is a stronger league than NFC and I am a NFC man AHH..Pig.
      Da Pig

    • The Colts defense will stop the bears offense. It's been weak all season, and they've relied on the D to get them where they're at. Now that D (which isn't very good against the pass) faces Peyton. Unless the Bears can mount an outstanding running game (like the Ravens did... and they still lost), the Bears won't be doing any partying. I'm a Dolphins fan, so it doesn't matter either way... Just thought I'd share...

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      • < The Colts defense will stop the bears offense. >

        Well, the Colts defense, which was the worst one in the NFL up to a few weeks ago, may continue to improve. But, then again, they may regress back to what they are which is subpar.

        I'm a Colts' fan as well. When I was a kid, Johnny U was my football hero and I have always believed that John Mackay was the greatest tight end who ever played even though Ditka was the first to get into the Hall.

        Time will tell. Bear fans are far from braggarts with this team so you won't get many of us into debate. We understand their limitations. But, if the Steelers did it last year as a wild-card, the Bears certainly have a chance as the number one NFC seed.

        BTW, we are still pissed at your team for spoiling our '85 perfect record.

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