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  • listentofloyd listentofloyd Jun 26, 2008 1:28 PM Flag

    Next Stop?

    No bottom in sight.

    Down about 15% in a month with nothing but great news and numbers.

    You'd think this was an auto or financial stock.

    Growing at 20%, now at a PE of about 12- you'd think the smart guys would be buying instead of dumping.

    Just put a big freakin "S" on my forhead- and wish it stood for short or sold, and not stupid shareholder.

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    • Setting stops now. Executed 5k yesterday and another 5k today.

    • Manipulation. The big boys shorted the crap out of GLW and others while their media lap dogs were reporting that "the worst may be behind us". Now they are reporting the end of days again and rolling out crusty old Greenspan to scare the crap out of everyone. Then the short in rapid bursts to start the ball rolling down hill and everyone panics and sells. That's how they make day like this happen, even in stocks like GLW. Thing is, we can't stop them from playing the game. Best we can do is figure out how to profit from it. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

    • Its not GLW, its the Bush admin. They will not back the dollar. A weak currency keeps money in other markets. Foreign markets look mighty attractive compared to US markets. Too many good American companies with good earnings and growth are being punished the same as GLW. I feel, it was the Bush admin. strategy to make the dollar cheap and make American goods more attractive to foreign buyers. Its all commiing back to bite our Special Needs President in the ass. He made home ownership affordable to everybody by creating a false economy and letting anyone who wanted a house to get one and in many cases walk away with money with nothing down. Huh? I had to prove my income and have 20% down for my mortgage.It was all to cover the cost of the war and take our minds off of Iraq. Welcome to the results of another Bush economics 101.

    • too freakin' funny floyd!

      if you just go take a nap, and wake up in 6 1/2 months after january earnings it'll be much better!

      the markets will pick up over the second half of 08, and glw will soar to high 30's early next year.

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