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  • pleasant_8_2000 pleasant_8_2000 Jul 25, 2008 11:31 AM Flag

    Leadership Problems

    Corning has bumped along the bottom since they sent Loose and Coccho packing. Anybody got any thoughts how to turn the leadership void around?

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    • Absolutely! We agree 100% on term limits. I could never understand how congress has no term limis where the presidency and most, if not all, governors do. Hell, even the mayor of NYC has term limits!!!

      I remember this guy from Mass telling me that there shouldn't be term limits for senators because that robs people of the choice to vote for the best person. Of course, the discussion was about Teddy Kennedy. So I, of course, asked if he was OK with George Bush running for an unlimited number of terms and he was, of course, not. That was "different" because of the power that the president has. Well, I would say that congress is more powerful than the president but that is debatable. Even so, are we supposed to believe that there aren't a thousand more liberals in Mass that are just as good as Kennedy or just as in line with the will of the people of Mass?

      Bottom line, senators can benefit more from "deals" than a president can because they can stay in power indefinitely.

    • I'm from the valley and you are absolutely right. Frank Coccho is a nut. He and his wife robbed the company and town blind.

      Frank stole time, gloves, Corelle sets, pyrex, plumbing supplies, tools, copper tubing, and boots. He was thrown out of the Marconni Lodge for stealing the 50/50 rafle money.

      He was fired many times from GLW but his brother Joe was president of the glass workers union in Toledo, Ohio. Joe sold out other union workers and contract provisions to get Frank back each time.

      Betty Coccho was kicked out of the Cinderella Softball league for steaking money.

      Frank lasted one term as Union President and one term as Mayor. Both times people figured out he was a thief and dumped him.

      If you want to know how wacko the Cocchos are just look at the Corning, New York on wikipedia.

      Look under Mayor at the bottom of the article.

    • Obvious you arn't from 'the valley" or you would know the real story about Frank. Stole time the first time he got fired and stole gloves the second time. A real hero for sure---
      Give me a break------
      He was a joke here in the valley for many years and an embarrasment to all-----

    • Thanks C2R, appreciate the mental support.

      So many of us realize what GLW has accomplished, and the incredible earnings growth and run, along with the potential.

      I, unfortunately, see the markets, and the way the game is played, and have a hard time being as optimistic as you.

      And unfortunately, believe in the company and it's fundamentals too much to have placed a stop, or shorted it.

      Like it or not, they aren't going to give us a break until there is a serious turn in sentiment

    • Weeks sold upper management on the Perelli deal. He screwed up.

      Frank sure was a tough guy. He got it done! They fired him for "theft of time". What kinda trumped up BS charge is that?

      They were scared of Frank. That's why they railroaded him.

      And Wendell's and Flaws use company money for their pet projects. The school for Wendell's kids his wife runs and the Rockwell Museum Flaws spent millions of company money on. What kinda return on investment is that for the stockholders? I don't want to pay for a private school for Wendell's little rich kids or for Jim Flaws' WESTERN art museum in the middle of the east coast.

      You gotta lot to learn buddy. Frank didn't let ANYONE push him or the Flint workers around. The Steel Workers union even came and bought them out becuase they know how good the Flints are.

      Go Frank and Betty Go!

    • The federal goverment has the power to mandate that every CEO of every publicly held company be elected every N years by the shareholders and the employees. THAT is what you should be working on"

      See there is something we can agree on...

      But those in power to do this, are on the take, dems and pubs... they need to be replaced FIRST..

      Only solution I can think of is term limits, do away with career polititians...

    • >>>kid who hasnt been around long enough to know more than a few economics classes<<<

      Now that's funny, coming from someone that lacks a high school education ! ! !

    • The difference between you and me is that you are blinded by hate and fear. Yeah, I know CEOs make too much money. AGAIN, I say that two wrongs don't make a right. If you cut Wendell's salary by 90% and distribute that among the rest of the Corning employees, what does that come out to be per person? That isn't to say that he deserves to make that much money. No one does. It just isn't the bandaid solution you think it is.

      The problem with corporate america is a lack of checks and balances. The CEOs are all on each other's boards so they hire each other, protect each other and give each other giant paychecks. CEOs should be elected by both shareholders and employees. Both have a stake in the company's health. The real issue with CEO pay is that it leads to greed and sets an example of greed. You are right in that CEO's are more concerned with themselves and their buddies than they are the company. But unions striking for "a bigger piece of the pie" isn't the answer. TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT. Stop looking for revenge or bandaids and start looking for real solutions to the actual problem. The federal goverment has the power to mandate that every CEO of every publicly held company be elected every N years by the shareholders and the employees. THAT is what you should be working on. Not bashing Bush, republicans or Wendell Weeks on a message board.

    • "Check your facts. Yes, Loose was the CEO when the Perelli deal went down, but Weeks was the one in charge of negotiating it and getting approval from Loose and the board."

      That's right, Loose approved of the deal and was the CEO. As the CEO with the final say, he is ultimately responsible. There is plenty of blame to go around.

      "Frank wasn't afraid to take on Jamie and Amo. He told them where to go and they buckled."

      And, of course, you think that was a good thing. I suppose a "good person" stands up for what they believe in and fights for it even if that means pissing off the whole world.

      Take a look around Corning, NY these days. How many manufacturing jobs are there? Yeah, Frank did a great job in convicing management to move manufacturing overseas. If Diesel takes off that will move to Thailand or China too. Yep, that big tough Frank guy sure showed THEM. What a man.......

    • But that still doesn't mean that we should allow unions to act a monopoly for labor. Two wrongs don't make a right. "

      Hey I knowm that unions had some terrible, corrupt, criminal leadership, that led in part, to thier downfall..

      I do know both sides of the story.. But theres no way in hell you can tell me why EXEC make more in a DAY than the workers make in a YEAR.. and how the execs wipe out the retirement funds, then go BK, and get to keep thier ill-gotton gains..

      Wake up junior, its CLASS WARFARE... just like the bush tax cuts, CLASS WARFARE, juts like the stock market, CLASS WARFARE, those with the $$$$ get to break the rules and steal $$$ from the small investor...

      Wake up.... you have been BRAINWASHED.... you hear the same lies enough, and you start to believe them, and repeat them... its the hallmark of a good repuke..

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