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  • photonsrus photonsrus Jul 25, 2008 12:34 PM Flag

    Leadership Problems

    Loose? Are you friggin kidding me?!?!?! Look, you can certainly find issues with Weeeks to discuss but you can't be taken seriously if you actually propose that Loose was better than Weeks!!! Loose was put into place to orchestrate the downsizing. He was NEVER CEO material. The guy had a degree in Asian History or something along those lines.

    And don't get me started on unions. They shouldn't even exist outside of being a PAC defending worker's rights and safety. It should be ILLEGAL to strike for higher wages or more benefits. To do so creates a pseudo monopoly within the labor force and destroys any concept of supply and demand. Modern day unions serve no useful purpose outside of making money for organized crime. Oh yeah, and they always support the democrats. Democrats are in the back pockets of organized crime and have been so for decades.

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    • Hey Flaws and his wife are BIG DEMs!!! So we should throw him out just because he's a DEM. Frankie was a BIG DEM too.

      Loose didn't orchestrate the downsiding either bud. Jamie had to come back in to do that after they made Loose the fall guy. Ackerman pumped and dumped leaving the mess in Loose's lap. Loose stepped up and took the heat just like Coccho. And don't talk to me about unions. The Flints made GLW. Just ask ole Amo. Coccho had Amo and Jamie's ear and the place ran like a top. When they railroaded ole' Frankie for "theft of time" the stock dropped from $300+ to a buck fifty. Frank would never stand for that BS.

      Loose came from Consumer. Remember the division that made them Billions? But "no" Baby-faced Weeks had to sell Consumer Products to buy Perelli. What a disaster. He and Flaws almost collapsed the company. Perelli had no contract or nothing going for them. Just a shell with a big name and Little Wendell fell for it.

      I say bring back the guys that made the company (Coccho and Loose).

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      • Your anger has twisted reality for you. Weeks didn't buy Pirelli. I believe Loose was the CEO when that deal went down. And I believe Ackerman was in charge when consumer products was sold. CLEARLY they didn't sell consumer products to buy Pirelli. Those deals were quite far apart in time. If anyone in the current management team is to blame for Pirelli, it is Flaws. He was the CFO and should never have agreed to finance the acquisition with debt. But maybe he was against it and we just don't know the whole story.

        Unions are bad, peiod. They aren't needed to make things run smoothly. All they do is inject greed into the equation and cause companies to move jobs overseas. You want to fight for safer working conditions, fine. You want to even fight for some sort of universal health insurance, fine. I won't agree on that one but I can understand it. But do it through lobbying the federal government, not strong arming companies. And NEVER should ANY group be allowed to strike for higher pay or more benefits. THAT is what makes it too expensive to manufacture stuff in this country and it is only going to get worse with two new multi-billion people countries entering the mix.

        You need to take some economics courses.

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