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  • corning2retire corning2retire Oct 6, 2008 7:52 PM Flag

    rock bottom

    13.89 gonna prove to be a SOLID BASE people.





    flat out parking garage

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    • GLW is now buried in the SUB-basement...

    • 13.89 gonna prove to be a SOLID BASE people. "

      Good ole C2R..

      still trying to be right as often as a broken clock.. and still failing.....

      At this point you are nothing more than "comic relief"

      But im starting to think we are getting close to a bottom on this CURRENT downslide..

      Short term pop, COULD be around the bend, need a few more foriegn banks to LOWER RATES as a possible catalyst.. Maybe fed follows suit and drops a 1/2 point..

      If it does happen, it will be a short term pop, but short covering could make it a significant pop..

      keep calling bottoms C2R, you have to be right

    • I made the same assessment. My expectation was that LCD glass would carry us until bendable fiber and diesel became major sources of earnings. Therefore I continued accumulating as the price went up. The LCD slowdown was unexpected - part of the risk of investing in a company with one major product.

      Similar risks with INTC. Really just one major source of revenue. The PE is 14 so the market has been kinder to INTC so far.

      Some of my resource stocks are trading at PEs around 6 and reported forward PE around 4. Dividend range from 4% to 8%. The commodities market is extremely uncertain.

    • The difference between those sites and the link I provided is that those sites still report GAAP earnings including special items for Q1 and Q2 2008. was reporting the higher figures too but recently updated to the lower figure. I wonder if and when Yahoo will update.

      The way I see it, institutional investors go through the figures with a fine tooth comb. We retail investors don't have time for that so we have to rely on figures like PE and forward PE. Might as well help each other out as much as possible when we notice things that institutions would take into account when pricing a stock.

      I provided more details with links in this message:

      As for the PE of the market as a whole - who knows where that is going. If we don't unfreeze the credit markets then the E part of the equation will get pretty low.

    • You are correct in your calculation of PE.

      You are also correct that there are an incredible number of now cheap stocks.

      But not many as cheap as GLW , with it's book value, buyback, didvidend, cash flow. The only thing that bothers me is the dependence on LCD with the very high margin.

      I thought bendable fiber would be huge, really huge, but so far it is nothing earnings wise.

    • Ya know--who have posted this a couple of times & I have no doubt that you are probably correct about how to calculate--but

      I have gone to ameritrade & looked up

      in Ameritrade there are a bunch of different research sites--so here is what I found

      The 4.22

      jaywalk concensious-pe 4.30

      S&P---pe 4.00

      & yahoo---4.00

      Now how any of these calculate is beyond me !!

      I don't even think pe's matter any more---until we have buyers in this market--nothing matters !!

    • Unfortunately you might be right Floyd. Wish I knew and wish management would give us more than silence.

      Just wanted to set the record straight on the current PE because people might make decisions based on Yahoo's incorrect figures. Lots of people think this is a great buy. It is a great company but it is debatable whether or not GLW is a great buy - at least relative to the other 10,000 stocks that are also selling at a discount.

    • Yeah, but evryone in the world knows they aren't going to make 1.82 in 09

    • Clyde.

      Yahoo provided the wrong trailing earnings figures and have yet to update. Other sites were using those figures but the services are starting to provide corrected figures now.

      Trailing earnings are 1.71 and PE is 8.2
      Forward earnings are 1.82 and forward PE is 7.66

      Check out

    • "flat out parking garage"

      You do realize they build multi-level parking garages nowadays? Why, in New York, they even take a flat parking space and make it a double decker with a simple steel frame and electric lift....

      Just sayin...

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